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The 10 Best Quotes from Prey on Hulu

Have you seen Prey on Hulu? These chilling movie quotes from Prey from Naru, Aruka, Taabe, and Paaka will have you thinking about survival!

Naru Quotes Prey

Best Prey Movie Quotes on Hulu

A skilled Comanche warrior protects her tribe from a highly evolved alien predator that hunts humans for sport, fighting against wilderness, dangerous colonizers and this mysterious creature to keep her people safe.

Prey is intense! Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Prey? Drop them in the comments below. 

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1.Why do you want to hunt? -Aruka
Because you all think I can’t. -Naru

2. I’m smarter than a beaver. -Naru

3. It knows how to hunt, but I know how to survive. -Naru

4. You want to hunt something that’s hunting you? -Taabe

5. If it bleeds, we can kill it. -Taabe

6. You think that I am not a hunter, that I am not a threat. That is what makes me so dangerous. You can’t see that I’m killing you. -Naru

7. Its mouth filled with teeth like arrows, ready to tear your flesh and crush your bones. – Paaka

8. Not every smart creature is easy to train. -Aruka

9. You think the reason for kuhtaamia is to prove you can hunt, but there’s only one reason – to survive. -Aruka

10. We have him. -Itsee
No, it has us. -Naru

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