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Is Love Again Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Love Again is ok for kids? This sweet PG-13 rated film isn’t raunchy, but it also may not hold the interest of tweens and some teens. Here’s what parents need to need to know in this Love Again Parents Guide.

Love Again Parents Guide

Love Again Parents Guide

Mira Ray (Priyanka Chopra) has just lost her fiancé and is trying to deal with the loss. She starts sending texts to his old cell phone number… not realizing the number was reassigned to Rob Burns’ (Sam Heughan) new work phone. Rob is a journalist who is captivated by the honesty in the beautifully confessional texts, especially after being dumped in a rather public way. When he’s assigned to write a profile of Celine Dion (playing herself in her first film role), he enlists her help in figuring out how to meet Mira in person and win her heart. 

Age Rating: Why is Love Again Rated PG-13?

Love Again is Rated PG-13 for strong language and some sexual material which means some content may not be suitable for kids under 13.

Language in Love Again

There is some language including uses of sh*t, a**, d*ck, and one use of the f-word. There are also words of Deity used.

Mature Content: Is Love Again OK for Kids?

Love Again does have some sexual content and references but no nudity. Two people are shown in bed together with a male character shirtless. Sex is implied. Characters kiss.

There are some sexual jokes and a conversation about how a woman should “get the D.”

A character talks about getting laid. Friends help another get back into the dating scene.

Characters drink alcohol.

A woman’s fiancé gets hit by a drunk driver, and she is dealing with the grief through the film. This could be triggering for some viewers.

Is Love Again Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Due to mature content and grief, Love Again is recommended for kids ages 13 and older. Parents should be aware of some sexual content, but overall, it’s pretty tame. 

Celine Dion was a nice surprise and teaches Rob and Mira lessons about love how to let their hearts go on from past scars.

Love Again is cute and more rom than com. While the leads lack some chemistry together, their chemistry with other actors is more palpable. Love Again is a perfect Netflix and chill kinda movie, but I wouldn’t expect more from this Hallmark-esque film.

Love Again Age Rating

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