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Last-Minute Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas 2023

You know that feeling of panic when you wake up and realize your elf on the shelf forgot to move last night? Yeah, same. Here are some quick and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas when you only have a few minutes to spare and no time to prepare!

Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s hard sometimes to think of so many elf on the shelf ideas every year. Sometimes I have a little more time to be creative and other times the elf just has to move for sanity’s sake. These Elf on the Shelf pics will help you find places to hide your elf last-minute!

If you still need an Elf on the Shelf welcome letter, then we have a couple to choose from. And here’s an Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter for Christmas Eve.

1.Elf Riding an Ornament

Have you seen that Elf on the Shelf meme where he comes in like a wrecking ball? Well this is just as simple and he can have some convos with other ornaments.

Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas

2. Do Not Disturb

Sometimes an elf is tired and need a little nap. Grab a pillow and blanket and let your Elfie snooze. 

Elf on the Shelf Nap

3. Elf Hanging Out with the Gang

If your child has stuffed animals, put them in a circle, have your elf play a game with them or they can just have a good old fashioned pow wow.

Last-minute elf on the shelf idea

4. Elf Making a Fort

Grab some marshmallows and make a snow fort, igloo, or have a snowball fight.

Elf on the shelf making a snow fort

5. Elf on the Shelf Leaves a Gift

Have your elf leave a small gift, especially if he may have forgotten to move and your child already woke up. A pair of socks, a treat, or $1 always puts a smile on my kids’ faces.

Elf on the Shelf leaves a gift

6. Make a Snow Angel

Luckily flour is pretty easy to clean up, so you can have your elf “play in the snow,” or make snow angels.

Elf on the Shelf snow angel

7. Netflix and Chill

Pick your favorite holiday movie and have your elf watching or scrolling to see his favorite one. In our house it’s “Elf” naturally.

quick last-minute elf on the shelf ideas

8. Baller Elf on the Shelf

Your elf may love basketball, but perhaps he’s not the best at sports and gets stuck in the net. This can go with any of your child’s favorite activities or sports. Grab whatever equipment you have in the house and he or she can play the game.

Baller elf on the shelf

9. Elf Making Hot Chocolate

If your elf loves hot chocolate or tea, then grab a mug and he can have a cuppa. We like peppermint in ours, so he can stir it with a candy cane for a festive flavor. 

Elf Making Hot Chocolate

10. Elf on the Shelf as the Star

If you’re really out of time, then put your Elf on the Shelf on the top of any tree and make him the star of the show. Sometimes you just want your day on top. 

Elf as the star of the tree

If you do have some time or more than one elf, these are great funny Elf on the Shelf ideas. If you just need a break and a laugh, then these funny Christmas memes and Grinch Memes will put you in that holiday spirit.

Last Minute Elf on the Shelf Ideas