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Is Zombies 2 Kid Friendly? Disney Channel’s Zombies 2 Movie Review

Your favorites from Seabrook High are back in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2 on the Disney Channel. However is Zombies 2 kid friendly and ok for young ones? I was pleasantly surprised at how appropriate and entertaining it is for all ages, not crossing the line like some Disney+ original shows. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Zombies 2 is fun for the whole family!

Zombies 2 werewolves ok for kids?

Is Zombies 2 Kid Friendly?

Addison, Zed, Bucky, Bree, and Eliza are back at Seabrook High, but the threat of werewolves may cause another unbalance and monster/zombie panic. With little to no violence, sound messages of acceptance, and catchy songs and dances, I would recommend Zombies 2 for ages 6 and up. 


There was no bad language or profanity in Zombies 2.


There are a couple of scary parts where Zed turns into a zombie and loses control. Also a couple of the werewolves mention ripping throats out and blood splattering. 

Mature Content

Most of the film takes place in a high school, so there is talk about relationships and dating. Also, some kids are rude to each other and call each other names. There is an almost kiss. They also address equality and prejudice in Zombies 2. 

Why Your Kids Will Want to Watch Zombies 2

Let’s be real. The kids are here for the Zombies 2 songs. Is Zombies 2 safe for kids? Disney Channel doesn’t miss with Zombies 2. Lyrics like, “Hey, we got this. Teaming up to make progress. Change the rules, you can’t stop this. Together we rise you know we got this,” help promote acceptance and teamwork. 

Different song lyrics include, “We are all different baby, but that’s what I like.” It’s nice to see the songs promoting inclusion and accepting people’s differences. Addison is once again welcoming of everyone as she tries to help the werewolves find what they need to survive as well as looking for her own pack and sense of belonging. 

Zombies 2 songs ok for kids?

This will resonate with kids looking for their crowd and even navigating middle school and high school. Younger kids will love the Zombies 2 soundtrack (affiliate) – my personal favorite is “Like the Zombies do.” Other standouts were “We Got This” and “Gotta Find Where I Belong.” 

Sure some of the movie is cheesy, a little disjointed, and sometimes slow, but the good news is watching it at home you can fast forward or skip those parts. Plus it’s easy for little ones to pause and get a snack and use the bathroom. 

There are some dance numbers that are very similar to Descendants and I even felt a little High School Musical vibe. This isn’t a bad thing, but I would have liked a little more originality.

Overall, Zombies 2 is kid friendly and great for all ages! Is it better than Zombies? That depends on what you like! I really enjoyed Zombies, because the story was original, but I also like the additions of the new werewolf characters in Zombies 2. Awooooo! However, I’ll give a slight edge to Zombies, because I do prefer that soundtrack. 

Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2 is on Disney Channel now. You can’t find Zombies 2 on Disney+ right now, but you can watch Zombies to prepare yourself if you haven’t seen it yet. Check out all the best Zombies 2 quotes that will make you laugh!

Is Zombies 2 Kid Friendly?

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