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How to Order Disney Cruise Line Room Decor and Onboard Gifts

Sailing on Disney Cruise Line is so much fun! You can decorate your Disney Cruise Line stateroom with your own decor or you can order room decor through Disney Cruise Line, so your room is already decorated when you walk in for an even bigger wow factor!

Disney Wish Room Decor Package

Photo: Disney

How to Order a Disney Cruise Line Room Decor Package

If you want to add a little extra pixie dust to your Disney Cruise Line room, you can order a Disney Cruise Line room decor package through Onboard Gifts

And it’s not only room decor! You can order Birthday Cakes, jewelry, sweets and snacks, alcohol, Star Wars and Marvel themed gifts and more. if you’re not the one sailing, you can also surprise a friend or family member with any of these options!

All packages and gifts must be ordered at least 3 days in advance of sail date. You can browse gift and room decor options with a reservation number or by port as some options may be different. 

Personally I’d rather spend my money on a room decor package to take home some souvenirs, because there is so much food and desserts on board the ships! Or I’d splurge on Palo Brunch as it’s my favorite meal.

Birthday Celebrations on Disney Cruise Line

There is also a birthday room package for Disney Cruise Line to help celebrate a birthday. Or again, you can also bring some of your own room decorations from home.

Birthday Room Decor Package Disney Cruise Line

We did order my daughter a birthday cake in January of 2022 while we were onboard, and it was a fun surprise for her! We had to order at least 24 hours in advance at Guest Relations and they delivered it to her during our main dining room time. We were so full and had so much cake leftover!

Birthday Cakes on Disney Cruise Line

Disney Merrytime Cruise Room Decor Packages

How cute is this Merrytime Cruise Christmas Decor package? For some reason it’s not showing up online through Onboard Gifts, but many guests have said you can order it by calling Disney Cruise Line directly. 

You’ll receive the room banners, blanket, pillow, and Goofy scarf all for around $100. 

Disney Cruise Line Merrytime Cruise Room Decor Package

Photo: Disney

All aboard for holiday fun!

Disney Cruise Line Holiday Blanket Room Decor

Photo: Disney

This Santa Mickey pillow is adorable!

Disney Merrytime Cruise Room Package

There are so many magical ways to surprise and delight guests on Disney Cruise Line. You could also make a reservation at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or buy your teens Disney Cruise Line wifi 😉  Or how about running the Castaway Cay 5k together?

No matter what your family’s love language is, you’re sure to have a great time on board. Bon voyage!