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How Idina Menzel Finally Got a Song in Disenchanted

We were all thinking the same thing when Enchanted came out – why doesn’t Idina Menzel sing in the film? Because we know she can SING. And so can Amy Adams. Enchanted is one of my favorite films ever, so when Disenchanted was announced, I couldn’t wait. 

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During the Disenchanted Press Junket, the question posed to everyone was whether it was important for Idina to have song in this film? 

Alan Menken immediately answered, “Yes. yes. yes. yes.”

Director Adam Shankman joked, “I was bullied into it.”

We obviously know that isn’t true, but it gave everybody a good laugh.

Alan Menken said they had two attempts to give Idina a song in Enchanted, but they just couldn’t get it in. Idina recalled shooting one of them and being told it wasn’t going to make it in the movie. She recognized the efforts by everyone to get her a song in Enchanted. 

However, Alan said now they got it! Idina replied, “It was just superfluous at the time because you were trying too hard. And I really appreciate that. But now you made up for it in so many ways that I’m singing a song I could barely sing live if I tried.”

Producer Barry Josephson added that from day 1 of Disenchanted, Shankman and Amy Adams said Idina will sing. 

Idina said, “When you have someone like Alan and Stephen just writing for you, because they’re so incredibly talented, even for character, the way they write melodies and these soaring melodies…they’re little signs that tell you how to approach it. You don’t even have to think that much. Because the way they write gives you everything that you need, and to have somebody like them write for you, for all of us, it’s such a gift.” 

So, yes the universe demanded that Idina Menzel sing in Disenchanted, and she certainly does! The music is incredible and tells quite a story for each character. You don’t want to miss this sequel. Disenchanted is now streaming on Disney+.