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The Best Bob Iger Returning as Disney CEO Memes

I don’t think anybody saw this news coming – Bob Chapek is out as CEO of Disney and Bob Iger agrees to come back for two years. But listen, we’ve heard this before, so we’ll see if the beloved Bob ever leaves for good. These are some of the best reactions and memes of Bob Iger returning as Disney CEO.

Bob Iger CEO memes

Funny Bob Iger Disney CEO Memes

I’m just thankful Twitter still exists for news like this to come out. Bob Iger is back, people! All of Twitter is rejoicing and these are the funniest Bob Iger as Disney CEO reaction memes online. I’m sure more will come out, and I’ll keep adding them. Until then, let’s enjoy the moment.

The Disney Tea

Not gonna lie, I was thinking the same thing. 


Bob. Thanos. Same thing.


Bob Iger is kind of the Michael Jordan of Disney.

He’s Baaaaack

Iger making an entrance.


I sometimes feel bad for Chapek, but then I remember Lightning Lane and remember he’ll be just fine with his money. The charismatic force of Iger and D’Amaro are back. 

The One Thing We Can Agree On

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

Chapek’s New Job

After the Taylor Swift/Ticketmaster debacle, it’s only natural.

Speaking of Taylor…

Bob Iger Bob Chapek Meme

Everything’s Fine

Nothing to see here. It’s all fine.



Anybody else with those goosebumps when they heard the news?


I can’t stop laughing at this one! Iger+ for the win.

We Have Lists

So Bob, here are our demands.

Best Chapek Burn

Perhaps this might be the best Bob Chapek burn using Disney against him

If you’re like eh, whatever with Disney, then enjoy these Thanksgiving memes and Christmas memes. Tis the season to be jolly, especially with the Iger news! Or if you’re out shoveling snow, I’m sorry. Maybe these Snow memes will make you laugh.