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Funny Sunday Memes for Monday Anxiety

Forget those manic Mondays, we want Sunday fundays! When Sunday hits, some people get anxiety about Monday coming. It’s me. Here are some funny Sunday memes to help get you ready for Monday.

Funny Sunday Memes

Sunday is my favorite day of the week…until I remember the next day is Monday. 

This is how I like to start my Sunday.

Funny Sunday Meme

And then I remember what the next day is.

Sunday Meme

Sunday Meme

Dang it. Why is Monday ruining my Sunday?

Funny Sunday Memes

The weekend just flies by.

Weekend Memes

Here’s a warning. You’re welcome.

Sunday Meme Funny

Here we are, minding our business, and then school shows up on Monday.

Weekend Sunday Meme

Every time. 

Dreading Monday Meme

Welp, I guess we’ll move onto Monday memes then.

Sunday Meme Before Monday

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