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Is FAST X Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if FAST X is ok for kids? The newest film in the Fast & Furious franchise brings back what the fans love – action, family, and stunts that cars and drivers can’t do in real life. While perhaps it’s a tad more realistic than F9, isn’t the ridiculous what brings audiences back each time? Or have you experienced F&F fatigue? Here’s what parents need to know in this FAST X Parents Guide.

Fast X Parents Guide

Fast X Parents Guide: Is it Kid Friendly?

Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family have outsmarted, out-nerved and outdriven every foe in their path in their many missions. However, this enemy is the most lethal and evil they’ve ever faced. The film begins with a scene from Fast Five when the crew steals a giant vault and drags it through the streets. There we see Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa), who has been planning his revenge for years. He is determined to shatter Dom’s family and destroy everything and everyone that Dom loves after Dom kills his father. Dom knows he must do whatever it takes to protect his son. But can he save everyone? 

Parents need to know that FAST X is violent for young kids but does not contain much sexual content. 

Age Rating: Why is Fast X Rated PG-13?

Fast X is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense violence, action, language, and suggestive material which means some content is not suitable for kids under 13.

Language in Fast X

There is some profanity in Fast X including at least 15 uses of sh*t, a couple of bullsh*ts, damn, hell, a**, bi*tch, and words of Deity like g-ddamn and “oh g-d.”

Violence: Is Fast X Too Scary for Kids?

There is a lot of violence and death in Fast X which may be too scary for younger kids. Some of the deaths include “good guys” like CIA agents and cops. There is a lot of hand-to-hand combat, explosions, and death by guns, knives, and other weapons. A bomb blows up. Some close up shots include wounds and blood. 

A villain is ruthless with no remorse. One scene includes close up shots of dead men, burnt, and used for comedy. They appear kind of alive, and it’s kind of gross. Other victims are tortured. The action is on par with a darker Marvel movie.

Mature Content: Is Fast X Ok for Kids? 

There is no nudity in Fast X, but there is some suggestive material including a couple in bed kissing. There are no sex scenes. And with every Fast & Furious movie, there is a scene of scantily clad women dancing and gyrating. However, it’s short-lived, and not the main focus of the film. 

A man in just underwear walks across the screen.

Characters drink alcohol. One character eats a muffin with drugs in it. 

Themes of death, grief, regret, and revenge are prevalent in Fast X.

Fast X Age Rating

Is Fast X Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

In Fast X you can expect a lot of action, intense violence, car chases, some scantily clad women, and profanity used by some characters. To sum it up, Fast X is kid friendly for kids ages 12 and up. If your child has seen other Fast & Furious movies, then this film is on par with violence as the past films, so it’s up to a parent’s discretion on what is appropriate. 

The Fast & Furious saga has turned into somewhat of a superhero genre. What started as movies about street racing and characters driving fast cars has now propelled itself into films about people doing superhuman things. Cars can even fly in space apparently. So while they continue to be entertaining, I wish they would have stayed in their lane. The tipping point for me may have been the mini Death Star rolling around Rome for 20 minutes.

Fast X does try to mix it up a little with adding more emotion and deep conversations. I’m not sure they fit. I get it, family. But the speeches are getting to be too much. 

Jason Momoa is funny and sadistic as Fast X’s villain. No conscience and a bit maniacal, he felt like a cross between the Joker and Jack Sparrow. And in true superhero fashion, nobody is ever really dead in the Fast & Furious movies, so I didn’t particularly feel any sadness with some deaths, because, well who knows, they may pop up later.

I do appreciate that it seems the franchise is trying to give women better roles. They’re not just eye candy anymore. Letty’s (Michelle Rodriguez) and Cipher’s (Charlize Theron) fight scene was epic! And they weren’t doing it in bikinis, so kudos.

Extreme and ridiculous, Fast X will entertain the franchise fans. Fast X definitely gets your adrenaline pumping!  It’s the kind of movie that gets people to the theater to make you forget about reality. And they always make you feel like family. I get the appeal, and I don’t. 

Fast X Kid Friendly

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