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Second Star to the Right and Straight on Till the Disney Animation Research Library

As a super fan, I consider myself pretty knowledgable about all things Disney. However, I did not know about the Disney Animation Research Library. Maybe that’s because you can’t visit it and because you can’t Google the location. It’s a super secret place but full of magic! Kind of like Never Land! I’ll tell you what I learned about the Disney Animation Research Library.

Thank you, Disney, for whisking me off to Never Land during the #HanSoloEvent and providing travel and accommodations. All adventures and opinions on pixie dust being real are my own.

Disney Animation Research Library Lobby

Disney Animation Research Library

The Disney Animation Research Library is very important to The Walt Disney Company. It holds 65 million pieces of original artwork from the 1920s to today! This building is temperature controlled, on tight lockdown, is not open to the public, and even the cast members wear white gloves to protect the art.

When you walk in, the lobby is full of details like a picture of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse (shown above), an animation desk, a giant mural of Alice in Wonderland, and sofas and chairs with the coolest pillows! They had Peter Pan pillows which were perfect since we were learning more about Peter Pan on Blu-ray!

Original Peter Pan Artwork

Our tour guide and cast member, Fox Carney, had pulled out tons of original Peter Pan Artwork for us to look at (no touching allowed). We saw original rough sketches of my favorite pixie Tinker Bell to more developed designs with original notes and comments.

Take a little tour of the Disney Animation Research Library!

Peter Pan’s flight is my favorite Disney Parks attraction. People often wonder why. It’s because it’s a classic, my imagination runs wild, and you can fly!

I walked around the table in awe and a reverence of respect for these artists. There are different versions of my favorite Codfish, Captain Hook.

You can see original Peter Pan animation cels at the Disney Animation Research Library.

Disney Animation Research Library Jobs

When talking about Disney Animation Research Library Jobs, this has got to be one of the coolest. There are photographers who take pictures of every single animation piece and catalog it. This is high definition like you’ve never seen it!

Walt Disney felt that this original art needed to be kept safe and archived for illustrators to reference in the future. Other studios just threw theirs away. However, now they’re making sure it’s all digitally saved. It’s a time consuming process and great job security 😉

One of the coolest Disney Animation Research Library Jobs is photographing all the original animation cels.

Peter Pan 65th Anniversary

Original concept art looked very different than the Peter Pan we have now. Mary Blair was one of Walt Disney’s favorite artists, and she brought color and simple shapes, and the juxtaposition opposition of colors.

The Disney Animation Research Library has vaults and vaults of animation cels!

Mary Blair makes Peter Pan what it is today!

It was such a treat to be able to look at the vaults of original artwork and sculptures they treasure at the Disney Research Library. It once again reminded me a story I love about a boy who never wanted to grow up and the importance of family and faith, trust, and pixie dust.

Think of all the joy you’ll find, when you leave the world behind, you can fly, you can fly, yu can fly!

Peter Pan is on Blu-ray June 5th! 65 never looked so good!

Peter Pan is on Blu-ray on June 5th!

Pixie-Dusted Bonus Features on Peter Pan Blu-ray - Lola Lambchops

Monday 4th of June 2018

[…] “You Can Fly” is one of my favorite songs! When I listen to it, it gives me that same feeling when I go home to Walt Disney World – feelings of joy, magic, and make-believe. It’s why Peter Pan’s Flight is my favorite Disney Parks attraction. […]