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Are Dark Nights at Hersheypark Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

For the first time in the history of Hersheypark, they have added some spooky and scary entertainment to Hersheypark Halloween! The Halloween festivities are included in your Hersheypark admission, but Dark Nights is an additional add-on price. Are Dark Nights too scary for kids? If your little ones scare easily, then I’d stay away. Here’s what parents need to know in this Hersheypark Dark Nights Parents Guide.

Dark Nights Scare Zone

Hersheypark Dark Nights Parents Guide

Hersheypark is stepping up their game in the fright fest aspect of Halloween. Hersheypark Dark Night festivities begin at 6 p.m., and is an extra cost in addition to your regular park ticket admission. Dark Nights is a seasonal event and ends October 30th.  Ticket prices to Dark Nights begin at $24.95.

Hersheypark Dark Nights includes 4 Haunted Houses and 3 Scare Zones which are not kid friendly for little ones. If your tween or teen wants to be scared, then this may be a good way to introduce them to some spookier Halloween activities.

Are Dark Nights Too Scary For Kids?

Hersheypark has said some aspects of the Dark Nights experience may be too intense for children younger than 13. Parental discretion and guidance are advised. 

The Haunted House themes are Haunted Coal Mine (miners lost in coal shafts), The Descent (zombies and tunnels), Creature Chaos (creatures/actors in cages), and Twisted Darkness (carnival of nightmares). The 3 Scare Zones are Darkstone’s HollowValley of Fear and Midway of Misery.

Special effects like fog, strobe lights, actors banging on loud things, screams, creepy costumes and voices, etc. are all used to create a spooky experience. It’s not hokey. The Haunted Houses are definitely scarier at night in the dark than in the daylight. 

Dark Nights at Hersheypark is meant to be scary, and if your child doesn’t like scary, then please don’t take them. At Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, I have seen way too many kids traumatized with nightmares. Actors can jump out at you, chase you a bit, but they can’t touch you. 

This YouTube video can give you a walkthrough of the Haunted Houses if you’re unsure whether your kids would like it and put your mind at ease or say no way. It looks pretty dang fun for teens though!

Hersheypark Dark Nights Too Scary for Kids