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The Best 2022 FIFA World Cup Memes

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has begun and so have the memes! These funny and emotional World Cup memes will have you laughing or crying, depending on how your team is doing. And is it really a World Cup without FIFA memes that throw shade?

World Cup Memes 2022

Credit: B/R Football

Best World Cup Memes for 2022

The World Cup has its fans, and they love their memes! This is time of the year when some people forget about Thanksgiving memes, and are watching soccer all day. Who needs turkey? Gooollllllllll!

When you do what you gotta do to watch the World Cup.

Everyone just stay calm, the World Cup is here.

Team Spirit in the World Cup

The feelings are strong when your team wins or loses. 

It’s all about perspective…or points.

When Morgan Freeman has more appearances than your team.


This is What Dreams Are Made Of

It’s the hard work and dreams for me. 

When There’s an Upset

But sometimes it doesn’t always work in your favor. I did not see Argentina’s loss coming.

Perhaps the only appropriate response.

Or Germany’s loss. But sometimes fans have to console each other.

World Cup Soccer Memes

Dang, y’all don’t like Germany.

When There’s a Comeback

Never count out Messi.

Looking Sharp

And The Drama

And then there’s always the flops.

Hilarious World Cup Meme

This one made me laugh! Respect.

Funny 2022 World Cup Memes

Even Ryanair is getting in on the shade.

It’s Called Soccer Memes

 Oh US Soccer fans. They’re gems. 

Ronaldo on the Bench

Dang, y’all had feelings about this one.

World Cup ronaldo Memes

Credit: @Chinocchia on Twitter

When There’s a Break

Who Did This? 

The internet.

The Quarterfinals

Heartbreak and joy over these games. And of course controversy.  Mexico doesn’t forget.

But it still stinks to go out on penalty kicks. 

How I feel.

When maybe you should have left the cat alone.

And maybe Neymar should have been first. 

It’s tough watching dreams end. But Ronaldo’s a great player.

World Cup Semifinal Memes

It’s getting down to the final game of the 2022 World Cup and the memes keep on going!

World Cup Semifinal Memes

Messi World Cup Meme

World Cup Final

Here are some more of the best tweets from the World Cup Final. Congratulations, Argentina! That was an amazing game!

World Cup Final Meme