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Best Schmigadoon! Quotes on Apple TV+

Have you seen Schmigadoon! on Apple TV+? This musical parody series offers a lot of sarcasm and funny lines. Check out some of the best Schmigadoon! quotes from characters Melissa and Josh. 

Best Schmigadoon Quotes

Best Quotes from Schmigadoon!

Schmigadoon! is comedy series starring Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong. The pair play a couple, Josh and Melissa, who are struggling and go on a backpacking trip to try to fix their relationship. They get trapped in a magical musical town that’s permanently locked in the 1940s. Yes, a town with old-fashioned values that people who burst into song and dance (and don’t even know it). 

Melissa likes the singing, but Josh just wants to get out. However they must find true love to leave the town. But wait, does that mean they’re not in love? 

Each week as a new episode is released, I’ll update this quotes list. Did I miss any of your favorite Schmigadoon! quotes? Drop them in the comments below.

Also check out this Schmigadoon! Parents Guide for age appropriateness for kids.

Melissa Quotes Schmigadoon

It’s like if The Walking Dead was also Glee? -Josh
You watched Glee? -Melissa
I was aware of it. -Josh

As long as they have a functioning toilet, I’m in. -Melissa

Why is music coming from everywhere? -Josh

It must be something they do for tourists, like Colonial Williamsburg. -Melissa

Okay, we did not buy tickets. I repeat we are not ticket holders. -Josh

Charming? It’s Wicker Man. -Josh

It is important to me that we can hate things together. -Josh

People don’t just burst into song in real life. -Josh

I’m sorry that I overreacted to all this. I just wish that all these people would die. Is that wrong? -Josh

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s unattainable. -Melissa

You suck and I hate you and I hope you die. -Melissa

Go have fun with your teenage cliche. -Melissa

Josh Quotes Schmigadoon

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