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Inside Out 2 Director Says Sequels Are Not Easier

When visiting Pixar Studios for an early Press Day in March, Inside Out 2 Director Kelsey Mann said it’s a myth that sequels are easier. And after going through just a tiny bit of the different processes in making Inside Out 2 , I believe it. They began making Inside Out over 10 years prior and technology has changed, so it’s not like they could just reuse footage. Everything had to be redone. Here is just a little of what our day at Pixar looked like.

Inside Out 2 Sequel

Walt Disney Studios

The Making of Inside Out 2

One of the reasons I love visiting Pixar Studios is because the moment you step in, you can feel the creativity. From different art work of the latest film they’re making to coffee and latte art of characters from the film, it’s always a reminder of the common goal. Every single person we talked to is a team player. They all want what’s best for the project.

One of the funnest activities was doing a mock-voice recording of Joy in Inside Out 2. They had selected about a 30-second scene in which we interacted with all the other emotions, and let me tell you, it’s hard work! The timing, the inflection, and pacing. I had many mess-ups, but everyone was so patient and encouraging. It gave me a new appreciation for actors.

We were able to watch a reenactment of how a story pitch works. Story artist Becca McVeigh walked us through a pitch of a scene and even received notes from Director Kelsey Mann. Every time someone makes a pitch, everyone in the room claps and is showered with applause. That doesn’t mean everyone loves everything about the idea, but it does show an appreciation for their work and efforts. 

Inside Out 2 Story Pitch

From animation reviews to character designs to live edits to a virtual set, we were able to be a part of the process. And this was for seconds of different footage. The amount of care to each detail is incredible. 

During the animation review, a group of animators and storytellers gave notes on a specific scene. This particular scene was of Riley playing hockey. Notes were given on the placement of characters, the shape of the hockey stick, the placement of the puck, the texture, etc. They take into account those who have played hockey and each note is taken under advisement. After I watched this take place, I noticed the dates on some of the shots and they were months prior to our Pixar visit. I knew this wasn’t actually being done in real time, but it all felt so genuine (because they used their real notes), I had to ask “Was this for real?”

We all laughed and while this discussion had already occurred, it was something that took place so often, it was natural and genuine. 

Inside Out 2 Animation Review

Countless teams, discussions, designs, edits, and reedits are what makes Inside Out 2 a labor of love. So no, sequels aren’t easier. This is years of work, and at the heart of it is the story. 

Director Kelsey Mann wants to make Pete Doctor proud. If the story wasn’t there, then they wouldn’t have made Inside Out 2, but it is. As I’m raising 5 teenage daughters right now, these new emotions are a huge part of who they are. These self-conscious emotions are overpowering the rest as they try to fit in. I’m so excited to watch Inside Out 2 in theaters June 14, 2024!