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Greenie Package Ideas for Missionaries and Free Printable

What is a Greenie Package? When a missionary first goes to their mission and area, they are considered young or green, hence a “greenie.” So you want to fill a box with lots of green things for their greenie package! Here are some green ideas for your missionary’s greenie package. Plus a free Greenie Poem Printable you can include with the box.

How to Make Greenie Missionary Package

Greenie Package Ideas for Missionaries

To make your Greenie Package, first figure out what size box you want to use. If you have a missionary serving in the United States, the sky’s the limit. For foreign missions, find out what the rules are for receiving packages.

You may have to plan ahead as sometimes packages take weeks to arrive. In my daughter’s mission, they could only receive packages during transfers or if they happened to be in the office.


Here are some green ideas for your greenie package: 

  • Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies
  • Green Gum
  • Green Laffy Taffy
  • GoGo Squeeze Applesauce
  • Mandalorian Goldfish
  • Mike & Ike Candy
  • Green Post-Its
  • Green Tie
  • Green Pens
  • Green Socks
  • Green Notebook
  • Green Face Masks
  • Green Nail Polish
  • Green Succulent 
  • Green Stuffed Animal

There are tons of green items! I have a sister missionary, so I sent some nail polish and face masks, even pimple patches.

Missionary Greenie Package Ideas

You can also add cute messages with items like with green Pop Rocks or Rock Candy you can write, “I hope your mission ROCKS!”

I also decorated the box a little bit with green tissue paper and cut out green hearts on construction paper. Write encouraging messages on them or some dad jokes.

You know your missionary, so cater it to their needs and likes.

Free Printable Missionary Greenie Poem

Print this free Greenie Missionary Poem below by clicking on the image. It’s a cute touch to add to the package, especially if you’re short on time and need to send out the package ASAP.

Missionary Greenie Package Printable Poem

Wishing all your missionaries the best experiences! Even though they may be green now, they’re always golden.