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Is Father of the Bride (2022) Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Father of the Bride (2022) is ok for kids? This remake puts Cuban and Mexican touches on a familiar story of a father dealing with the emotions of having a daughter get married and growing up. Here’s what parents need to know in this Father of the Bride Parents Guide.

Father of the Bride Parents Guide

ANDY GARCIA as Billy and ADRIA ARJONA as Sophie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and HBO Max’s “FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”
Photo by Claudette Barius

Father of the Bride (2022) Parents Guide

Billy (Andy Garcia) and Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) Herrera have been married for a long time, but have been having marital troubles. When Ingrid decides she’s had enough, they have to tell their two daughters that they’re getting a divorce. Their oldest daughter Sophie (Adria Arjona) is coming home from college and Billy is dreading telling her at the family dinner. However, Sophie has an announcement of her own – she’s getting married! With less than a month to plan the wedding, Billy is feeling the stress of paying for the wedding, new in-laws, his daughter moving, and an impending divorce.

Why is Father of the Bride Rated PG-13?

Father of the Bride is rated PG-13 for Brief Suggestive Material which means some material may not be suitable for kids


Language is pretty mild in Father of the Bride, considering its PG-13 rating. There are a few uses of sh*t, hell, and “g-d.” One character tells another to “grow a pair.”

Mature Content

Characters drink alcohol and smoke cigars. 

One scene is at a strip club for a bachelor party. There are some scantily clad women but no nudity. 

Divorce, family drama, lying, acceptance, and love are just some of the topics discussed. 

Father of the Bride ok for kids

ANDY GARCIA as Billy, GLORIA ESTEFAN as Ingrid, ADRIA ARJONA as Sophie and DIEGO BONETA as Adan in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and HBO Max’s “FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”
Photo by Claudette Barius

Is Father of the Bride Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

This version of Father of the Bride is more drama than comedy. While there are some funny moments, it has a more serious tone than the Steve Martin/Martin Short tug-of-war. The cast is charming in a subtle way and brings a Latinx flair and fresh viewpoint to a usually otherwise white family tale. 

Billy constantly reminds everyone of how hard he has had to work to provide for his family as an immigrant, and he was able to become a successful architect amongst many sacrifices. He tries to impose his wishes on his daughter’s wedding, since after all, he’s the father of the bride and is paying for the wedding. Garcia captures the machismo and pride perfectly, but offers a tender side as he learns from other family members and his future son-in-law.

Although this film may not interest a younger crowd, Father of the Bride reiterates the importance of family. Cultural references like the abuela always having Vicks on her or calling family to cook up a storm in a few hours to serve 100 people is what Latino families do.  And the film showcases Cuban and Mexican cultures as the fathers of the bride and groom are from different countries, but each want to share their traditions in the wedding. This sets up a comedic and heartbreaking national anthem war. 

Father of the Bride is great film to celebrate Father’s Day and to celebrate those who have helped us become who we are or shaped us in some way – uncles, aunts, friends, in-laws. You never know when you’ll need some Vicks.

So yes, we may be missing some zany laughs and wild characters, but endearing supporting characters make this film a touching tribute to realizing what’s important. It’s not the money, it’s not even the traditions, it’s the support and love we have for each other. 

Father of the Bride respects its predecessors, but wisely doesn’t try to recreate it, and instead gives audiences a fresh new journey of imperfect families. Dale. 

Father of the Bride rating

ANDY GARCIA as Billy and GLORIA ESTEFAN as Ingrid in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and HBO Max’s “FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”
Photo by Claudette Barius