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The Best Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift Memes

After sobbing that I got put on the waitlist, I was kind of glad not to have to wait all day online through Ticketmaster’s debacle with Taylor Swift tickets. I feel for everyone’s pain, but the best thing to come out of this were all the Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift memes.

Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster Meme

Funny Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster Memes

Even with a Taylor Swift Presale Code, the Ticketmaster queue was still a disaster. People were online all day for The Eras Tour tickets. But Ticketmaster, weren’t you the ones who sent out the codes? You know, to control the amount of people buying the tickets. 

If you didn’t get tickets for Taylor Swift, I’m sorry. Hopefully these angry Ticketmaster memes can help console you a little bit until the General Sale comes along. 


It’s for the kids, right?

Chick-fil-a’s line is always crowded, but at least it moves.


Ah yes, we’ve figured out the problem now.

I said the same thing!!


We’re all fine, everything’s fine.

But are we really ok? 

Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Meme

Today felt worse than Black Friday. So please be kind to your Swifties.