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BEST Quotes from The Lord of the Rings: THE RINGS OF POWER

Have you seen The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Prime Video? This action adventure is a great addition to The Lord of the Rings franchise. Enjoy the best Lord of the Rings quotes from The Rings of Power from Galadriel, Finrod, Poppy, Nori, and more!

The Best Quotes from The Rings of Power

In The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power, it is predominantly set in Tolkien’s Second Age, but as a prologue we get a glimpse of the world war that ravages Middle-earth at the end of the First Age. This is the battle against Morgoth and Sauron’s conquest that ends up taking the life of Finrod.

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from The Rings of Power? Drop them in the comments below. I will continue to update this post as each new episode comes out weekly. 

For age recommendations, check out this The Rings of Power Parents Guide.

Galadriel Quotes The Rings of Power

Nothing is evil in the beginning. -Galadriel

But that seems so simple. -Galadriel

The most important truths often are. -Finrod

Can we turn back now?  There are 110 things out here that could kill us. -Poppy

Hundred-eleven if you count you worrying to death. -Nori

If we didn’t do everything we weren’t supposed to, we’d hardly do anything at all. -Nori

Are you just going to stand there, breathing like an Orc? -Galadriel

Evil does not sleep, Elrond. It waits. Until the moment of our complacency, it blinds us. -Galadriel

Put up your sword. -Elrond

The Rings of Power Quotes

Without it, what am I to be? -Galadriel

What you have always been.  My friend. -Elrond

Do you think me blind? -Médhor

No. I think you talk too much. And you smell of rotten leaves. -Arondir

The same wind that seeks to blow out a fire may also cause it to spread. -High King Gil-galad

It is hard to see what is right… When friendship and duty are mingled. -Elrond

Such is the burden of those who lead and those who would seek to. -High King Gil-galad

When are you people gonna let the past go? -Rowan

The past is with us all, whether we like it or not. -Arondir

I must follow the passage. The other direction. -Arondir

You don’t know what’s down there. -Bronwyn

That is the reason I must go. -Arondir

True creation requires sacrifice. -Celebrimbor

Where there is love, it is never truly dark. -Elrond

There can be no trust between hammer and rock. Eventually one or the other must surely break. -King Durin

There is no harsher master than the sea. -Sea Master

The sea is always right! -Sea Master

There’s head-sense, Poppy, and there’s heart-sense. -Nori
There’s common sense and nonsense. -Poppy

Quotes from The Rings of Power

The past is dead. We either move forward, or we die with it. -Elendil

You have been told many lies. Some run so deep, even the rock and roots now believe them. To untangle it all…would all but require the creation of a new world. -Adar

Choose not the path of fear, but that of faith. -Galadriel

The blight upon this tree is but an outer manifestation of an inner reality. That the light of the Eldar, our light, is fading. -High King Gil-galad

I swore an oath to Durin. To some, that may now hold little weight. But, in my esteem it is by such things our very souls are bound. -Elrond

Hope is never mere…even when it is meager. When all other senses sleep, the eye of hope is first to waken, last to shut. -High King Gil-galad

Sometimes to find the light, we must first touch the darkness. -Galadriel 

Because a burden shared may either be halved or doubled. Depending on the heart that receives it. -Elrond

Despise not the labor which humbles the heart. Humility has saved entire kingdoms the proud have all but led to ruin. -Galadriel 

Take heart. All of you. I have seen smaller armies defeat greater foes. -Arondir

One cannot satisfy thirst by drinking sea water. -Galadriel

What cannot be known hollows the mind. Fill it not with guesswork. -Galadriel

It darkens the heart to call dark deeds “good”. It gives place for evil to thrive inside us. -Galadriel 

Every war is fought both without and within. -Galadriel 

Galadriel Quotes rings of Power

There are powers beyond darkness at work in this world. Perhaps on days such as this, we’ve little choice but to trust to their designs. And surrender our own.  -Galadriel

Constraint can be the very progenitor of invention. -Elrond

Soon he will travel that road that makes an end of every man who walks it. -Pharazôn

We are on the cusp of crafting a new kind of power. Not of strength, but of spirit. Not of the flesh, but over flesh. -Celebrimbor

Sounds a bit like an adventure. -Nori
Alone, it’s just a journey. Now adventures, they must be shared. -The Stranger

Why does everyone I love the most always have to go away? -Poppy 
‘Cause I think if we didn’t, then we wouldn’t learn anything new. -Nori

Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power Best Quotes