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Why We Chose to Move During a Pandemic

This post was sponsored by Erie Insurance as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed are my own.

This pandemic has rocked a lot of families for different reasons. And it’s also made people make decisions that maybe they wouldn’t normally make. One of the decisions we made was to sell our house, and while we had a plan in place, that plan changed as circumstances often do. Here’s why we chose to move during a pandemic. 

Why We Chose to Move During a Pandemic

“So why are you moving?” “I hope you don’t think I’m prying.” “Is it for your job?” “Are you ok?” These are some of the questions people have asked me about why we decided to move, and sometimes I don’t have all the answers.

If anything the last 6 months has taught my family to prepare for the unexpected. So although we didn’t have all the answers, we had a contingency plan. And part of that contingency plan is insurance, including life insurance. Life insurance is meant to take care of the ones we leave behind, and it’s because we love them.

As the parents of 5 kids, my husband and I want them to be taken care of. This was our mentality pre-pandemic, too. We love to travel, have adventures, live life to the fullest. Since we were prepared in that way, it was time to move to the next steps.

Erie Life Insurance

Life is an Adventure

My family and I love to travel, and while that was put on pause, I thought how can we travel safely? Then I thought maybe an adventure for a year while distance learning would be a great way for the kids to get out and a way for our family to spend more time together. We had a family meeting, and everyone was on board. 

Family Travel During a Pandemic

When Circumstances Change

Everyone kept saying the market was hot. So when I reached out to a realtor to get an opinion, in less than 2 months, it went from a question about the market to my house being sold and us moving out. That escalated quickly! 

So when we originally looked for a home, we had the intention of renting. Then my husband’s job changed to a remote position, my parents decided they were thinking about moving, and our reasons for coming back to Virginia were no longer in play. 

And I have a secret, we’re now under contract for a new home! I went down for the inspection, and hopefully we’ll be in our new home soon. However, you never know when circumstances will change.

Buying a Home During the Pandemic

Why Get Life Insurance

With this move I want my kids to know that as long as you prepare yourself, you can take risks. We may find our forever home, we may find great friends, or we may decide we like our old community better. But if you don’t find out and step out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know.

My oldest daughter just turned 16 years old and college is quickly approaching. That’s another reason I decided to have a life insurance policy with Erie Insurance. If something were to happen, I know she and my other children would be covered without having to worry about the expenses. Right now the biggest thing I want her worrying about is when One Direction will get back together.

Harry Styles Sweet Sixteen

Erie Insurance recently conducted a national survey to see how well people understand life insurance, and the reasons they do and don’t buy it. Some of the answers surprised me! You can check out the results of that survey, and see if you agree.

Some responses indicated that many people are confused about life insurance, including how it works, what it covers, and how much it costs. We’ve made it a priority in our budget for YEARS. Plus Erie Insurance has always taken care of us since we also have auto insurance and home insurance through them. It makes financial sense for us to move right now, and it makes financial sense to carry life insurance policies for my husband and I.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so there’s no better time to find out more about the benefits of life insurance now to protect the ones you love most. I didn’t want to regret not taking a chance on a new home or new surroundings. And I also don’t want to regret leaving my family without a contingency plan.

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