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The Funniest The Adam Project Quotes

Have you seen The Adam Project on Netflix? This funny and heartwarming film has hilarious one-liners from Ryan Reynolds and crew. Enjoy these funny The Adam Project quotes from Adam, Young Adam, Ellie, Louis, and more!

Best Adam Project Quotes

The Funniest Adam Project Movie Quotes

After accidentally crash-landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self for a mission to save the future.

I was surprised at how emotional some of the movie quotes from The Adam Project were, so I had to throw in a couple. Did I miss any of your favorite The Adam Project quotes? Drop them in the comments below.

Who talks like that? Did you order, like a Bully Starter Kit on Amazon or somethin’? -Young Adam

Everyone is twice my size. I’ve seen babies bigger than me. -Young Adam

Son, you’d better start caring, because the future is coming. Sooner than you think. -Ellie Reed

I don’t think it’s a date. -Ellie Reed
Your dress thinks it’s a date. -Young Adam

You have a very punchable face. -Adam

That’s weird, it farts when I cough. -Adam

When I say classified, what does your brain hear? Chocolate? -Adam

Adam Quotes from The Adam Project

The Adam Project (L to R) Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam and Walker Scobell as Young Adam. Cr. Netflix © 2022

What are you doing in here? -Young Adam
Mostly bleeding. -Adam

It’s not a multiverse. -Adam

Do you ever just have a thought and not let it come out your mouth? -Adam

Every morning she wakes up with a broken heart and a closet full of his clothes and gets nothing from you but a fistful of crap and not even like ten seconds of genuine empathy. -Adam

I’m you, you know. -Young Adam

You know 30 years you still get sick to your stomach every time you remember how you treated her now. -Adam

Be the change you want to see, ok? -Adam

Babies are pure love. They grow into teenagers who grow into assassins of happiness. -Ellie Reed

Teenage boys are horrible. It’s like living with a urinal cake that yells at you. -Adam

Boys always come back for their mamas. -Adam

Ellie Quotes from The Adam Project

The Adam Project (L to R) Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam and Jennifer Garner as Ellie. Cr. Doane Gregory/Netflix © 2022

Your face now matches your soul. -Adam

It’s like I traded my brain for those muscles. -Young Adam

When am I ever wrong? -Laura

Shut the physics fountain in your face. -Adam

We don’t hit people in this family. -Louis Reed

I fixed that future where we had been forgotten. -Sorian

You hate him because he died. -Young Adam

I think it’s easier to be angry than it is to be sad. -Young Adam

He doesn’t need perfect. He just needs you. -Ellie Reed

Roger that, middle-aged Adam. -Young Adam

I am not being critical. I’m narrating. -Louis Reed

You’re my future. -Louis Reed

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