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But Stormtrooper Shoes Are For Boys

Stormtrooper shoes are not just for boys

My child is wearing Stormtrooper shoes. And I have 5 daughters. My 7-year-old daughter and I recently went shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. We went to check out some back-to-school outfits and shoes for her. We both like to shop, and I enjoy taking each child alone to spend one-on-one time together. It’s usually when I learn the most about them.

But Stormtrooper Shoes Are For Boys

I noticed her admiring some Stormtrooper shoes in the boys’ shoe section. She would pick them up, smile, get a funny look on her face, and then put them down. She would look at other shoes and then slowly return to Stormtroopers. I know that feeling. I’ve felt it when I really want something but am hesitant to buy. I asked her if she wanted to try them on. Her eyes lit up for a second, but then her head lowered with a sad look and said, “But those shoes are for boys.”

I said, “Says who?”

“Well they’re in the boys’ section,” she replied.

I looked her straight in the eyes and told her with all the sincerity in the world, “Who cares? If you love them, and they fit, then wear them. Dance in them. Run in them.”

So she tried them on, loved them, and we bought those Stormtrooper shoes.

Rock On Daughter of Mine.

I hate that little girls and boys have to worry about what people will say if they wear something or like something they’re not “supposed to like.” She also picked out a Captain America sweatshirt from the boys’ clothing section. Probably because her mama is a huge Captain America fan and has passed on her great love. I often find a Captain America mask bunched up in her back pocket. She likes to pull it out and wear it when the mood strikes her. Sometimes it’s while we’re out to dinner. I beam with pride.

Girl Power with Captain America

I’m not stifling her creativity. At age 7, she’s curious about everything. She’s always busy. She choreographs dances, creates music videos, writes original stories and poetry, makes jewelry. I am not burning out that candle.

So daughter of mine, if you want to wear Stormtrooper shoes, WEAR THEM! If you want to wear a white pantsuit to your Presidential Nomination, WEAR IT! You will never please everyone. So start by being true to you. Always be true to you.

However, if you ever ask me for Iron Man shoes, you can get a job and buy your own dang Iron Man shoes. This family is firmly Team Cap.

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