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Violent Night Parents Guide – Is it OK for Teens?

Wondering if Violent Night is ok for teens? If you’re tired of Hallmark Channel movies or sappy, wintery wonderlands, then perhaps this film is for you. Violent Night is a bloody, gory, holiday spectacle and is not kid friendly. Here’s what parents need to know in this Violent Night Parents Guide.

Violent Night Parents Guide

Parents Guide to Violent Night

David Harbour is a disgruntled Santa Claus (the real one) who is tired of the consumerism of Christmas and the holidays. He’s under-appreciated.

When a team of mercenaries breaks into a wealthy family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everyone inside hostage, the team isn’t prepared for a surprise combatant: Santa Claus. He wants to get the bad guys and free the hostages. Maybe this will give him back that holiday spirit. 

However they weren’t expecting Santa to be such a bada**. 

Age Rating: Why is Violent Night Rated R?

Violent Night is rated R for strong bloody violence, sexual references, and language which means some content is not suitable for kids under 17. 

Language in Violent Night

Violent Night is heavy in profanity including many uses of sh*t, a**, bit*h, damn, f*ck, motherfu*er, and words of Deity like g-ddamn, and Jesus Christ.

Violence: Is Violent Night Too Scary for Kids? 

With a title like Violent Night, parents should expect a lot of violence, and it certainly delivers. The film is action packed with brutal, gory, and bloody scenes with different weapons.

Characters are dismembered, brutally murdered, sledge-hammered to death, decapitated, stabbed, electrocuted, and basically just killed in horrible ways. It’s gratuitous violence at its holiday finest.

Scenes like a nail going into someone’s head and killing them, body parts are twisted, tortured, and blown up, you’ll see some blood and blood spurts. 

Mature Content in Violent Night

Some characters drink alcohol. 

There is no sex or nudity, but there are sexual references and sexual words like d*ck and c*ck used. A man is shown in his underwear.

There is a disgusting scene involving vomit.

Violent Night Ok for Kids

Is Violent Night Appropriate for Kids Under 17?

In Violent Night you can expect to see intense violent scenes, blood and gore, a disillusioned Santa, a lot of fighting, alcohol use, and profanity used by some of the characters. To sum it up, Violent Night is not ok for kids or tweens. 

I wouldn’t recommend it for teens either, but I suggest screening the film first if you have questions whether it’s appropriate for your kids.

Violent Night is not for everyone and is the antithesis to cutesy holiday movies. It borrows material from past Christmas films like Die Hard, Bad Santa, and Home Alone, but also tries to fit into the holiday movie category while making fun of it. 

I understand why people will love Violent Night, but I’m a member of the charming Christmas movie fan club. Not so much the Christmas carnage fan club. 

Violent Night Age Rating

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