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Is Nine Perfect Strangers Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers is ok for kids? After all, Big Little Lies was a guilty pleasure for some teens. Nine Perfect Strangers is rated TV-MA for language, some nudity, and mature content. Here’s what parents need to know in this Nine Perfect Strangers Parents Guide.

Nine Perfect Strangers Parents Guide

Nine Perfect Strangers Parents Guide

Promised total transformation, nine very different people arrive at Tranquillum House, a secluded retreat in the middle of nowhere run by the mysterious wellness-guru Masha (Nicole Kidman). At Tranquillum House, phones are taken away and you’re basically left to talk. However, these strangers learn that there is some weird stuff going on here. 

Why is Nine Perfect Strangers rated TV-MA? There is a lot of language, some violence and talk of suicide, and some sexual content.


There is a lot of language in Nine Perfect Strangers. In the first two episodes alone, there was about 25 uses of fu*k and fu*king, 4 uses of a**hole, 7 uses of sh**, and a damn, bit*h, and bastard thrown in there.

Mature Content

These nine strangers come to Tranquillum House, because they have some sort of trauma and issues to “fix.” One is an addict, another has been scammed out of money, another’s son and brother committed suicide, another has anger issues, another’s gay partner dumped him, etc., so some of the material can get pretty heavy. 

Some of the conversations are very emotional, especially when talking about suicide.

There is some sexual content like a couple mentioning all the sex they had in some hot springs. There are sexual scenes and a couple talks about being wet. 

Characters smoke and take pills. 

Is there nudity in Nine Perfect Strangers? Yes, in episode 4, you see a man’s naked backside on top of a woman thursting up and down. You also see a naked woman lying down on her stomach and can see side boob.

Some characters undress to go swimming in Episode 3, but you just see their backs.

An animal is killed which could be upsetting to some.

Flashbacks can show some trauma like a woman getting shot with blood on her face and mention of suicide. A woman appears to want to jump off a cliff, which could be triggering for some.

Nine Perfect Strangers ok for teens

Is Nine Perfect Strangers Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

Nine Perfect Strangers is no Big Little Lies as far as being an interesting soap opera. Frankly, Nine Perfect Strangers is boring. I’m not sure if teens would even like it as it’s too much dialogue and not even interesting dialogue.

Obviously something is amiss at Tranquillum House, including Nicole Kidman’s Russian accent, but it’s not compelling enough to keep me invested in the characters. It’s a shame, because it is such a star-studded ensemble cast. Masha’s mysterious texts, the way she manipulates her staff…it’s all very dry.

The scenery is beautiful, but not even all the smoothie close-ups and good-looking people could save Nine Perfect Strangers.

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