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Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024) Parents Guide: Is it Kid Friendly?

While Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video may share some of the same premise as the 2005 movie, the similarities are not abundant. The 2024 TV series is smart and witty, but to some, it may also be boring. With an age rating of 16+, here’s what parents need to know in this Mr. & Mrs. Smith Parents Guide.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Parents Guide

2024 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Parents Guide 

Two strangers get jobs with a spy agency and are now husband and wife. They must leave their past lives behind, complete with new identities as John (Donald Glover) and Jane Smith (Maya Erskine). As they complete dangerous missions, more money is deposited into their growing bank accounts. However, fail 3 missions and deal with the consequences. 

Parents need to know that Mr. & Mrs. Smith is violent with mature topics.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Age Rating

Why is Mr. & Mrs. Smith rated 16+? Mr. & Mrs. Smith is rated 16+ for violence, strong language, and sexual content which means some content may not be suitable for kids under 16. This is about the equivalent of TV-MA on Netflix.


You can expect strong language in this series including uses of sh*t, a**hole, f*cking, mother f*cker, f*ck, nigger, and uses of Deity including g-ddamn.


There is some gruesome violence including use of weapons, death, explosions, fighting, hand-to-hand combat, and blood and gore. Some characters are seen with bullets in the face or hunted down. 

There is some animal cruelty.

Mature Content

There is some passionate kissing, talk about sex, and sexual relations. You do see a male character shirtless and people having sex, but there is no nudity. 

In one episode, a mission requires characters to behave like dogs and lick each other as a sexual act.

There is a painting on the wall with naked individuals.

Characters drink alcohol and there is some drug use.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2024 Age Rating

Is Mr. & Mrs. Smith Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a slow burn that may not entertain most teens. While there is action, don’t expect the same caliber of action from the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. There is a lot more dialogue and getting to know you. Each episode and mission mirrors an issue this fake couple turned real has to navigate.

Both Glover and Erskine are incredibly talented, intelligent, and offer substance to these characters. However, the chemistry? I just wan’t feeling it, and that’s the part that bothered me most about the series. I can deal with the slower pacing, I enjoyed the subdued banter, but I wasn’t sold on the “we’re in love” storyline. 

Judge for yourself. Some teens may enjoy it, but many may be looking for more mainstream entertainment.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Kid Friendly

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