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Maxton Hall Parents Guide: Is it Kid Friendly?

Maxton Hall – The World Between Us on Amazon Prime Video is a German-language teen series with a classic enemies to lovers trope. Is Maxton Hall kid friendly? Rated TV-MA, there are probably two scenes parents should be aware of in the series. Here’s what parents need to know in this Maxton Hall Parents Guide.

Maxton Hall Parents Guide

Maxton Hall – The World Between Us Parents Guide

You can watch Maxton Hall in German with English subtitles or dubbed in English. Ruby Bell (Harriet Herbig-Matten) attends Maxton Hall on scholarship and is surrounded by rich snobs she prefers not to interact with. However when she witness a scandal by one of the students, the very powerful and attractive James Beaufort (Damian Hardung) must step in to protect his sister. He tries everything to silence Ruby Bell, but she will not be told what to do or let anything stop her from getting into Oxford.

Parents need to know that there is language and some nudity in Maxton Hall and it is not appropriate for young kids.

Age Rating: Why is Maxton Hall Rated TV-MA?

Maxton Hall is rated TV-MA for strong language, some nudity, and drug use which means some content may not be suitable to kids under 17. 


There is some profanity in Maxton Hall including uses of f*ck, f*cking, a**, a**hole, sh*t, damn, and hell. There are also words of Deity like g-ddamn.

Mature Content: Is Maxton Hall OK for Kids?

There are two scenes that involve nudity in Maxton Hall – the opening scene and one in the last episode. In the opening scene, two minors are shown in bed with the assumption they had sex. A male character gets out of bed and is nude; you see a side body glance as well as a naked butt.

In the last episode, two characters have sex, and the scene is pretty long with female frontal nudity and close ups of body parts and characters removing clothing including underwear.

Another scene involves strippers interrupting a party. They dance provocatively and males are seen shirtless. 

Scenes include other couples kissing including a teacher and student as well as two male students. 

There are also conversations regarding sex and some crude references and jokes.

There is alcohol use and drug use by teens and partying. 

Mild violence includes two characters engaging in a fist fight and a lacrosse game where players hit each other. 

Some mature topics and conversations include death of a parent, a gay relationship where one partner is not ready to come out, responsibility to family, and the rich versus the poor. A parent is also seen in a wheelchair as a result of an accident.

Maxton Hall Age Rating

Is Maxton Hall Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

You can expect strong language, nudity, a couple of sex scenes, and some mature themes. To sum it up, Maxton Hall is appropriate for ages 16 and older. If nudity is what bothers parents, then younger kids could watch if you fast forward the sex scenes. They are pretty obvious.

Other than that, it’s your typical teen series with some language and partying. I watched Maxton Hall dubbed in English, and it didn’t bother me. 

The two lead actors have incredible chemistry as well as are vulnerable and sincere. This coming-of-age series shows both sides of the coin when one is raised with a lot of money and when another is raised with a lot of love. With so many tropes explored, Maxton Hall didn’t feel overly done or cheesy. While a little spicy, this enemies to lovers story is still comfort food for teens.