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Make Packing School Lunches And After-School Snacks Easier With This System

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney. All opinions are entirely my own.

The kids are back to school, and this mama is happy to have a routine again. However, one of the things I dread most about back to school is making school lunches. This family needed a system. Here’s what we do now to make our mornings easier and our back to school lunches a breeze to pack on our busy mornings. This system also works for after-school snacks and sports days.

Prep for After School Snacks and School Lunches the Night Before

Get the kids involved to help prep for school lunches the night before. Mornings are crazy in our house. My kids are tired, they don’t want to get up, and it seems like I’m yelling at them to get out the door.

Add trying to make 5 lunches in the morning, and the stress level goes through the roof, especially if I packed them something they didn’t want in their lunch. Then I hear the complaints. Now they take the responsibility for choosing what to pack in their lunches with a little guidance.

Prep for school lunches with this refrigerator organization system.

To help them make more responsible choices, I choose the categories, and they choose the snacks like string cheese, fruits, and vegetables. To add a little fun to their lunches, the girls chose Disney Frozen String Cheese! Elsa, Anna, and Olaf always put a smile on their faces, and the calcium and protein in them puts a smile on mine. You can pick them up at Giant in the dairy section or snacking cheese section.

The night before they make individual bags of their fruits and veggies and we unpackage the string cheese to eliminate even another step in the mornings.

School Lunch Assembly Line

Another way we save time in the mornings before school is to organize the refrigerator into different sections, so the girls can either grab what they want or set up lunch making in assembly-line style.

The same goes for after school snacks. Instead of hearing, “Moooommm, I’m so hungry. What can I eat?” they have options that are already made just in case I’m in the middle of a work call and can’t help them. Self-sufficiency is the name of the game.

Organize you refrigerator for school lunches.

I bought some clear, portable containers, labeled them, and added a variety of snacks. It doesn’t take up too much space, and it’s so nice to have everything in one place.

Have your kids pack their own school lunches for back to school.

In the mornings, we take out the containers, line up everyone’s lunch bags and get ‘er done. Mama does not have time to make 5 lunches. Let me repeat. Mama does not have the time nor the energy to make 5 lunches in the morning, plus make sure that people are clothed and fed before school, too.

This system helps the kids do it themselves and saves my sanity.

After School Snacks and Sports

Not only are mornings hectic, but so are the afternoons. With 4 out of 5 kids playing sports right now, we have practices and games after school gets out, and we are always on the go. Plus with this many kids playing sports, it seems like I’m in charge of snack for the team like once a week.

Easy After School and Sports Snacks

That’s why it’s also great to have Disney Frozen String Cheese on hand. It’s convenient and easy to pack. This busy sports mom is always looking for wholesome snacks on the go.

Easy sports snacks for on the go.

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C’mon moms, we can let it go, and make this the best school year ever with our school lunch and after-school snack prep. The stress never bothered me anyway.

Make packing school lunches easy with this organization system! Your kids will want to pack their own and help the busy school mornings run smoother.

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