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The Craziest LuLaRich Quotes on Amazon Prime Video

Have you seen LuLaRich on Amazon Prime Video? Whew, it’s a lot to unpack. Here are some of the best and craziest LuLaRich Quotes from DeAnne, Mark, Roberta, Ashleigh, Jill, and more!

Craziest LuLaRich Quotes

Craziest Quotes from LuLaRich on Amazon Prime Video

LuLaRich is a four-part docuseries that chronicles the unraveling of the company LuLaRoe. Known for their buttery soft leggings with their eccentric patterns, the infamous multi-level marketing company that went viral promising young mothers a work-from-home life that would provide financial freedom. However, things started to go really wrong. 

While watching LuLaRich, I felt for a lot of these women. Some of these LuLaRich quotes are sad, and some are just really, really crazy. It’s like watching a train wreck. 

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from LuLaRich? Drop them in the comments below. 

The woman in me wants to fluff these out. -DeAnne

Joining LuLaRoe costs a grip of cash. -Roberta

When I started LulaRoe, I couldn’t even afford a $5 box of cereal, 4 and a half years later I was just able to buy my dream home. -Jill D.

I had achieved the dream. I almost felt like a Real Housewife. -Roberta

My department alone was bringing them a million dollars a day. Easily. -LaShae

We’re talking about a scam. -Robert

People spending ten grand for some leggings? -LaShae

Women were selling breast milk just so they could afford the startup cost. -Derryl

I’m not qualified to run a marketing department for a million-dollar company, let alone a billion-dollar company. -Sam

Why is everything ripping? Why are these leggings wet? Why are they moldy? Why are they stinky? The whole house smelled like the the dead-fart leggings. -Ashleigh

I’ve heard some whining lately also about well my inventory’s stale. No, you’re stale. -Mark

We need to get away from being a pyramid scheme, ok?

We sell product through to a consumer, and it’s highly desirable product. That is not a pyramid scheme. -Mark

Let’s put it on the wedding invitation then. We announce the marriage of our daughter to…our son.. -Mark

When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s no upper limit. -Mark

People would just buy whatever we put up. -DeAnne

Craziest DeAnne Quotes LuLaRich

What is really being sold is “the unlimited opportunity.” -Robert

You can only go about 13 levels and you pass the population of the human race on Earth. -Robert

Do I look good? I’m still single, ok? So I cannot be commemorated in any way other than gorgeous. -Ashleigh

And I used to tell them, “Don’t do refreshments. They don’t eat them. They’re always on a diet.” -DeAnne

The idea of being able to run a business and change our financial future AND be a mom? I mean it’s like everything any mom ever wants, right? -Ashleigh 

If you want to create incredible wealth, identify an underutilized resource. And you know what? There is an underutilized resource of stay-at-home moms. And they have chosen to be a mother. And if you make that choice, you pay a price career-wise in our country right now. -Mark 

I will tell you right now, we’re not in the clothing business. We’re in the people business. -Mark

It seemed to good to be true, and it was. -Roberta

They wouldn’t say go into debt per se, but there’s ways of saying things without actually saying them. -LaShae

I just wonder, like what happened to me? -Roberta

The feminine vision of the stay-at-home mom is a very white vision. -Jill

This is a white girl business. I’m gonna tell you right now, there is not a lot of diversity in this culture of LuLaRoe. -Jill D. 

LuLaRich LaShae Quotes