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Is Noelle Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Noelle is ok for kids? If you love Christmas and holiday puns, then Noelle on Disney+ is sure to be on the top of your favorite holiday movie list. Is Noelle kid friendly and ok for little ones? Rated G, Noelle is family friendly unless you’re worried about the vision of Santa being ruined. Here’s what parents need to know in this Noelle Parents Guide.

Noelle Parent Review

Is Noelle Kid Friendly?

Overall, Noelle is a wonderful family film. I would recommend it for kids ages 8 and older. My only concern would be for young kids who believe in a traditional Santa Claus. This may distort that view (in a good way), but I can understand how that might be concerning for parents.

The plot line involves the Kringle family. Santa has passed away, and it’s time for his son (Nick, played by Bill Hader) to take the sleigh and fill his boots. However, the pressure gets to him and runs away to Phoenix. His sister Noelle (played by Anna Kendrick) must go and find him to save Christmas.

Language in Noelle

I didn’t count any bad words in Noelle. They use phrases like “Holy night” and “Silent night” to express anger or frustration. I’m going to start using those.

Violence in Noelle

There was no major violent scenes in Noelle, but she does kick a police officer and get arrested.

Mature Content

There are some mature themes like complex family dynamics, patriarchy, divorced parents, mental health, and a couple of sassy kids. There’s also a budding romance, but nothing inappropriate.

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Is Noelle Appropriate for Kids Under 8? 

It’s rare when I can find a movie on streaming services that’s completely appropriate for families that’s not animated. This is one that fits the bill. Noelle is a hybrid of a Hallmark movie combined with Elf. The first time Anna Kendrick said, “Oh my garland,” my 12-year-old snorted. And laughed every single time with every other Christmas pun thrown in.

I’d recommend Noelle for ages 8 and up mainly due to the belief in Santa Claus. The Christmas Magic is there, but it may be a different story your child is accustomed to hearing. 

Kids will like the physical comedy, Anna’s sweet outlook on life, and Snowcone, the adorable CGI reindeer. 

Guess what, grinches? I want a sweet holiday movie that makes my girls laugh, puts them in the Christmas spirit, makes them think of other people, and tells a story of female empowerment. Disney+ knows their market, and that market is my family. 

You couldn’t knock the permagrin off my face until it made me cry when talking about the meaning of Christmas and love. When my teens ask to watch again and want to watch with their friends, that’s success. Are there some silly additions? Sure. But tis the season for silly, happy, and kind. So Noelle, you’re welcome in our house for peppermint hot cocoa anytime.

If you’re a holiday curmudgeon and are looking to nit pick everything, then skip this sweet, kind-hearted film. Underneath the “oh my garlands” and “hold your reindeers,” Noelle shows us the power of believing in things you can’t see and not underestimating yourself. 

Is Noelle kid friendly?


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