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Is Hubie Halloween Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Hubie Halloween is the latest Happy Madison film to grace Netflix with its presence. And if you’re looking for typical Adam Sandler with a fun Halloween twist, then this is it. Is Hubie Halloween kid friendly? Rated PG-13, Hubie Halloween has the usual crude and sexual humor you can expect from a Happy Madison production. Here’s what parents need to know in this Hubie Halloween Parents Guide.

Is Hubie Halloween Kid Friendly?

Is Hubie Halloween Kid Friendly?

Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) is not the most popular guy in Salem, often getting made fun of for his quirky personality and dedication to safety. But that won’t stop him from making sure all the citizens of Salem are safe and protected on Halloween night.

When a man escapes from the psychiatric institution and mysterious disappearances occur throughout the night in town, Hubie must stop the potential murderer even if the police won’t take him seriously before it’s too late.

Is Hubie Halloween ok for kids?

Is Hubie Halloween ok for kids? I’d recommend it for kids ages 13 and up, mostly due to the crude humor. On the scary factor, it’s pretty tame, but there’s just enough spooky to put it in the Halloween category. There is a lot of bullying in the film, so some may be sensitive to that content. 



There is moderate language in Hubie Halloween including about 8 different uses of a–, like a–hole, jacka–, dumba–, etc., and 3 uses of sh–, hell, and 1 use of damn and bit–. Also be aware of some crude words like boner (they talk about it a lot but in place of the word mistake), peckerhead, pubie, pissing, and hella horny.

Mature Content

Hubie Halloween may be too scary for little ones, but there’s nothing super gory or bloody. There are some tense scenes that may make you jump. There’s no nudity or sexual scenes (one kiss), but there is sexual humor.

Hubie’s mom usually wears some sort of crude t-shirt. One of them says, “Boner Donor,” which leads into a conversation about what boner means. They get it wrong and then Hubie uses the word incorrectly during the film. Another shirt says, “I shaved my balls for this,” and “It’s not going to lick itself.” 

There’s also a lot of bullying against Hubie where kids and adults call him names like Pubie, or throw food and objects at him. Some scenes show vomiting, a man peeing on the lawn, and a pile of dog poop on the basement floor. An asexual nun says she’s hella horny.

Hubie Halloween Parents Guide

Is Hubie Halloween Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Ultimately Hubie Halloween is a silly, fun movie with a great message. Is that message spoon-fed to the audience? Sure. But it’s one that we need. 

If you’re a fan of Adam Sandler movies, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one. It’s juvenile humor with fart gags and ridiculousness, and you either love it or you don’t.

Tweens and teens will want to watch, because of the many Disney Channel stars from Jessie and Descendants, and Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp. There is also a touching tribute to the late Cameron Boyce.

I would say Hubie Halloween is appropriate for ages 13 and up. Some of the jokes may fly over younger kids’ heads, but some of the bits are unnecessary. I’m sorry, Maya Rudolph, but even I don’t want to hear about what turns you on in your marriage with Tim Meadows.

I wish that Adam Sandler wouldn’t have added the Waterboy/Hotel Transylvania accent in the mix, because the heart of the film still would have been there. It almost seems like you’re mocking the same people you want to protect in this film. Adam Sandler hasn’t reinvented the Happy Madison Production wheel with this one, but he didn’t need to. 

The regulars, the cameos, the nods to previous films, and even the stupidity are comfort food in film right now. I don’t need anymore surprises in 2020.

Plus I appreciated all the fabulous Halloween costumes, decor, and soundtrack to make this one a festive choice for the season!

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