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Is Home Team Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Home Team is ok for kids? Home Team is rated PG for some language and probably a really gross vomit scene. This family sports movie is loosely based on a true story and brought to you by Happy Madison, Adam Sandler’s production company. Here’s what parents need to know in this Home Team Parents Guide.

Home Team Parents Guide

Is Home Team Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Two years after NFL head coach Sean Payton (Kevin James) is suspended, he goes back to his hometown and hopes to reconnect with his 12-year-old son by coaching his Pop Warner football team. While it is based on a true story, some liberties were taken with the story. 

Why is Home Team Rated PG?

Home Team is rated PG for some crude material, some suggestive references, and language which means some material may not be suitable for kids.


There were a few swear words including 3 uses of a** and a couple of uses of hell. There was also a few uses of butthole and uses of “oh my g-d.”

Mature Content

Happy Madison productions are known for their crass content, but thankfully, they kept it pretty tame in Home Team. There are some suggestive references and several mentions of jock itch. 

There is one very gross vomit scene where many players projectile vomit. It’s disgusting. 

Adults drink alcohol.

Home Team kid friendly

Is Home Team Appropriate for Kids Under 10 Years Old?

While Home Team is not the most profound sports film ever made, it is a mostly family-friendly story with silly gags and bathroom jokes. Happy Madison usually goes overboard with sexual jokes and lewd comments, so I was pleasantly surprised at the PG rating, and I agree with it. 

The cast was relatively funny (though Rob Schneider’s character left me scratching my head), the kids weren’t annoying, and there were some lessons to be learned. Sure it reeked of Bad New Bears, but this one’s for the football lovers. I do wish they would have addressed the scandal more in which Sean Payton was suspended for (Bountygate). 

Plus some of the portrayals and scenarios seemed improbable. This is Texas after all, and Texans are serious about their football. Ignore all that, and general fans of football and gags will be happy with Home Team

Home Team ok for kids

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