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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Parents Guide Review: Is It Kid Friendly?

Wondering if Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is ok for kids? Are you gonna call these Ghostbusters for a good movie? Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire brings much of the same energy and tone as Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Bigger and badder ghosts, emotional story arcs, and the return of many of the original Ghostbusters makes this film a mature glow-up. Here’s what parents need to know.

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Parents Guide

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Parents Guide

The Spenglers (including Gary Grooberson, because who wants to be a Grooberson) have moved to NYC to continue bustin’ ghosts in the old firehouse. When they cause some damage to the city, Phoebe (McKenna Grace) is benched and can’t be part of the team anymore since she’s a minor. However, when a guy looking to make a buck sells an ancient artifact to Dr. Stantz, it turns out there’s a powerful evil force living in there.

The new Ghostbusters must join forces with the old Ghostbusters to protect their home and save the world from a second Ice Age. And Phoebe learns you can’t trust everyone. 

Parents need to know Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is recommended for ages 13 and older. 

Age Rating: Why is Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Rated PG-13?

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association for supernatural action/violence, language and suggestive references which means some content may not be suitable for kids under 13. 


There is some profanity in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, but not too much for a PG-13 movie. There are a handful of uses of a**, a**hole, sh*t, hell, and a use of f*ck, son of a b*tch, and damn. There are also some suggestive words like dickless, horny, testicle, and nipple.

Violence: Is Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Too Scary for Kids?

There are definitely some creepy and evil ghosts in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, with some jump scares. It’s not too bad, because of the humor mixed in, but some kids will not like the evil spirits. Violence is mild to moderate as most action scenes are not intense and weapons are limited to Proton Packs. 

Some souls and characters are possessed.

The opening scene is a little dark with frozen bodies and frozen heads popping off. Other scenes are a little gross when someone gets slimed or tiny Stay Puft Marshmallow Men impale themselves. 

There’s also some dialogue about murders and cannibalism, but nothing too in depth. 

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Movie Poster

Mature Content: Is Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Kid Friendly?

As with most movies starring Paul Rudd, you gotta throw in a little sexual innuendo. There are references to a sex dungeon and it being a place where grandma can get loud.

A young character mentions hookers and a devil’s testicle, and there’s a reference to some nipple stuff. A character calls a ghost tall, dark, and horny. There is no nudity in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

A character is seen drinking alcohol.

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Kid Friendly

Is Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

You can expect some language, some sexual innuendo, and dark images and themes in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. To sum it up, it’s kid friendly for ages 12 and older. Kids younger than that will be fine watching it, but due to slow pacing, they may not be all that interested. 

While the script isn’t scoring high on the Ecto-meter for originality, seeing the gang back together makes up for it. And sure, nostalgia may bring in bonus points, but overall, the talented cast brings back that sense of family and fun that the Ghostbusters are known for. Some may say the movies are stuck in the past, and I agree to an extent. But also, that’s what families are – a mix of past, present, and future. 

When the movie showed the Spenglers rolling out in the Ecto-1, Phoebe blasting ghosts from her side chair and Gary speeding down the streets of New York, I’m like yeah, new Ghostbusters! Then she quickly got benched and things went downhill from there. 

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire tries to be too much. About 90 minutes in, I still hadn’t seen a real villain yet. I wondered how long is this movie? It’s 1 hour and 55 minutes if you’re wondering. The buildup was long. 

But I don’t care what you say, I am here for old Winston, Ray, and Venkman showing these whippersnappers how it’s done. We got a tiny bit at the end of Ghostbusters: Afterlife of the originals, and while we got more in this film, I could have used even more. No, it’s not their movie, but they started the franchise and while they may not move as quickly, they still got jokes. 

You can’t discount nostalgia for some audiences. It’s like dopamine for the heart. 

Add in Paul Rudd, Kumail Nanjiani, Patton Oswalt, and Logan Kim, and you’ve got comedy gold. I laughed way too hard in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. With its faults, there are more positives than negatives. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is too much fun to skip and watching these Ghostbusters makes me feel good.

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Age Rating

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