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Funny and Short St. Patrick’s Day Poems to Share

St. Patrick’s Day brings us a day filled with leprechauns, shamrocks, and pots of gold at the end of rainbows. What better way to celebrate than with a collection of funny and short poems that capture the essence of St. Paddy’s Day? Whether you’re searching for a playful rhyme to share with little ones or a heartfelt verse to brighten someone’s day, these St. Patrick’s Day poems are sure to add a touch of green to your festivities!

funny st. patrick's day poems

Short St. Patrick’s Day Poems

Share these short and sweet poems to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If you need something shorter and funnier, then these St. Patrick’s Day memes and quotes will do the trick.

Leprechauns dance, clovers gleam
St. Paddy’s Day is quite a dream.
Green beer flows, laughter abounds,
Pinch me once, I’ll turn around!

Shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold
Leprechauns mischievous and bold
On St. Patrick’s Day, we raise a cheer,
For luck and laughter throughout the year!

Green hats, green socks,
Even green bagels in the box!
St. Paddy’s Day, a merry spree,
But where’s that pot of gold for me?

Luck o’ the Irish, they always say,
But my luck’s more like clouds on a sunny day.
Still, I’ll raise a glass, let out a cheer,
Happy St. Paddy’s, have a green beer! 🍻🍀

St. Patrick’s Day, a jolly sight,
With leprechauns causing mischief all night.
But if you catch one, hold on tight,
For the gold they hide is quite a delight! 🌟🍀

St. Patrick’s Day Poems For Kids

These fun St. Patrick’s Day poems for kids will make them do a little jig. Here’s a cute rainbow St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids, too.

Funny St. Patrick's Day Poems for Kids

Leprechaun’s Gold:

In fields of green where clovers grow,
There’s a little man you might not know.
With pointed hat and shoes so neat,
He hides his gold for us to seek.

But catch him if you can, you see,
He’s quick and clever as can be.
So on this day, with luck in sight,
We’ll search for gold ’til it’s night!

The Lucky Shamrock:

A shamrock green, so small and bright,
Brings luck to all who see its light.
With three green leaves, it tells a tale,
Of Ireland’s luck, it will never fail.

So wear it close upon this day,
And luck will come to you, they say.
St. Patrick’s blessings, pure and true,
For every friend, old and new!

St. Paddy’s Day Parade:

Marching bands and colors bright,
Fill the streets on St. Patrick’s night.
With floats of green and shamrocks too,
The parade goes by, a merry crew.

Children cheer and dance along,
Singing happy St. Patrick’s songs.
With laughter ringing, hearts so gay,
St. Paddy’s Day, hooray, hooray!

Lucky Limericks:

There once was a leprechaun named Lou,
Who hid his gold in a pot that’s true.
With a jig and a dance,
And a mischievous glance,
He led us on a treasure hunt too!

St. Patrick’s Day Wishes:

May your day be filled with joy and cheer,
With luck and blessings throughout the year.
May rainbows shine and shamrocks grow,
And happiness in your heart always flow.

So wear your green and dance with glee,
For on St. Patrick’s Day, lucky you’ll be!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Poem

In the land of green and clover,
Where leprechauns dance and hover,
Comes a day we all adore,
St. Paddy’s Day, oh what a score!

With shamrocks bright and spirits high,
We raise our glasses to the sky.
But beware the green beer’s spell,
It might make you jig a little too well!

From Dublin to New York City streets,
Everyone’s wearing green from head to feet.
But if you forget, oh what a fright,
You’ll surely get pinched until night!

So let’s toast to St. Paddy’s Day,
With laughter, cheer, and Irish say.
May your troubles be less and blessings be more,
And your heart be as light as a leprechaun’s lore! 🌈🍀