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Funny Election Day Memes for 2023

Election Day 2023. It’s time to make our voice heard, and not just on Facebook Enjoy some of the funniest 2022 Election Day memes no matter who you vote for!

The Best Election Day Memes 2022

Welcome to Election Day – when tensions and stakes are high. Hopefully these funny Election Day memes will help calm you down or at least make you laugh. But it’s kind of cruel to make us vote just a few days after Daylight Savings Time.

Election Day can be controversial, but hey so can Thanksgiving memes. Pie also causes controversy.

Sometimes you never know which candidate to vote for, but well, we gotta exercise that right!

Election Day 2022 Memes

National Treasure Election Day Meme

You never know what kind of shenanigans can happen on Election Day.

National Treasure Election Day Meme

Cats, Tik Tok, Whatever

I know this cat and dog TikToks are adorable, but we need to vote, people.

Funny Cat Election Day Meme

May the Vote Be in Your Favor

Well, every candidate can’t win. But may the vote be ever in your favor.

Election Day Memes

Holy Spirit Activate

It’s so tempting to comment on those posts…but sometimes the Holy Spirit will make you walk away. 

Holy Spirit Activate Memes

Photo: @PastorHumor

Watching Those Election Results

Watching those results roll in is pretty nerve-racking! 

Election Results Memes

Hopefully your results are happier than this.

Funny Election Day Memes

Happy Election Day

Now that Halloween has passed, here’s hoping Election Day is less scary!

Election Day Meme

I know, I know, but we gotta.

Voting Memes

Y’all. We’ve got this!

Maybe you need a new strategy if you want me to vote for you.

Election Day Memes 2023

Thanks for voting!

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