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Funniest BACK TO SCHOOL Memes for 2022

Summer’s over! It’s back to school time! Boo, hiss, or yay?! Some parents are rejoicing, some kids are not, and some parents may be having a hard time. Here are some hilarious Back to School memes for 2022 to hopefully make you laugh.

Best Back to School Memes for 2022

Well it’s been 2 years, but most kids are now going back to school. This collection of back to school memes in 2022 found on the internet will help you commiserate or rejoice with other parents, students, and teachers. Have a great school year, everyone!

It’s About Dang Time

Some parents have felt the years.

Back to School Meme

Why is Everyone Sick

I don’t know about you, but I swear the air is different for back to school. Everyone be sick.

Hilarious Memes Back to School

Back to School Reactions

Some back to school reactions are not all the same.

Back to School Reaction Meme

Credit: Vicky Grayson

We’ll Miss You

It’s tough being alone. 

Funny Back to School Meme

Back to School Meme for Teachers

Bless you, teachers. Also don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe.

Teacher Back to School Meme

Moms Be Like

Listen, some moms just like a routine.

2022 Back to School Meme

And Don’t Forget the Dads

And some dads like a routine, too. They’re probably just heading out for a morning run.

Dad 2022 Back to School Meme

Credit: Ink4Autism

Kids and Back to School

The kids may be feeling some kind of way.

Kermit Back to School Meme

Homework is Coming

Brace yourselves (parents and students), homework is coming.

Homework is Coming Meme

We’re All in This Together

No matter how you’re feeling, we’re all in this together. Because these kids are going back to school!

Oprah Back to School Meme

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