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Funny 2024 April Fools Day Memes to Prank Your Friends

You know that holiday when you prank someone or just lie and then shout “April Fools!” Welcome to April 1st, also known as April Fools Day. Some love it, some find it annoying. No matter how you feel about it, these funny April Fools Day memes will make you laugh.

The Best April Fools Memes for 2024

Enjoy the best April Fools memes to celebrate one of the weirdest holidays ever. Trust no one. This holiday is for true pranksters.

If you aren’t aware of April Fool’s Day, then watch out for practical jokes. You’ll need a sense of humor for this special day of the year. Although the day has been observed for centuries, nobody really knows how it started.

This April Fools’ Day meme is for those who just aren’t feeling it. 

2023 April Fools Day Meme

April Fools! The king of office pranks right here.

April Fools Day Meme

You got me good!

Silly April Fools Meme

Farm Flavor

It’s April, Fools! Just a reminder that it’s the occasion of April Fools. You know, just in case you forgot. This is also a great meme to share on social media.

Funny April Fools Memes


This would be so sad if it wasn’t funny. But surely your whole life can’t be a joke, right?

Funny April Fools Memes

Yes, the answer is yes. Do not trust the internet.

April Fools Day Meme

Trust no one. Just like every other day of the year.

Best April Fools Memes

Just kidding. I always play jokes on April Fools Day. Are you the family member who always plays the pranks?

hilarious april fools day memes

When you realize your birthday is on April Fools. Wait who is the joke on?

April Fools Birthday Meme

Please don’t be bringing in vegetables in a donut box to work. This is just good solid advice. This office prank is as bad as the parents who cut out brown letter Es and put them in a pan for their kids. 

april fools prank meme

See what happens when you bring veggies instead of donuts.

Best April Fools Day Meme

Hahahaha. I don’t care how funny your prank is.

April Fools Meme

You have to be joking me, right?

April Fools Meme Funny

Save this one for April 2nd. 

Meme April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day!

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