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Does FedEx Ship on the Holidays? Holiday Schedule 2023

Trying to plan for holiday shipping with FedEx? Some people are last-minute shoppers and some are trying to ship holiday gifts with plenty of time. Here is the FedEx Holiday Shipping Schedule for 2023.

FedEx Holiday Shipping Schedule

Does FedEx Ship on Thanksgiving?

For your planning purposes, FedEx does not ship on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

2023 FedEx Last Days to Ship Before Christmas

Some best holiday tips include shopping early and being prepared. Sometimes that isn’t possible and you need to send last-minute gifts. Make sure you know when the last days to ship so gifts will arrive before the holidays.

The last day to ship your packages so they are scheduled to arrive on or before Sunday, December 24 domestically:

FedEx SameDay – Dec 22
2 Day – Dec 20
FedEx Express Saver – Dec 19
FedEx Express 1Day Freight – Dec 21
FedEx Express 2Day Freight- Dec 20
FedEx Express 3Day Freight – Dec 19

For FedEx Ground, these are the last days to ship to ensure delivery before December 24.

5-Day Shipping – Dec 15
4-Day Shipping – Dec 18
3-Day Shipping – Dec 19
2-Day Shipping – Dec 20
1-Day Shipping – Dec 21

FedEx Ground Economy – Dec 13

Be sure to check the complete FedEx Schedule, because FedEx offices have modified hours for the holidays and they are closed on some days.