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Family Disney Descendants Costumes

Each year my family and I try to have a theme for our family Halloween costumes. Last year Disney Descendants costumes won out, because of Descendants 2. We had a combination of store-bought and DIY Disney Descendants Halloween costumes. I’ll show you how we put it all together, so you can have a family of Descendants, too.

Family Disney Descendants Costumes

Family Disney Descendants Costumes

My girls have loved Disney Descendants since the first one came out. With the popularity of the costumes last year, we did have trouble finding certain accessories like wigs, so we had to improvise. You work with what you’ve got.

We have a family of 7, so we had a Mal, Evie, Uma, Dizzy, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Magic Mirror.

Mal and Evie Costumes from Disney Descendants

These costumes were easy, because they were store-bought. Thank you, Costco for having Mal and Evie costumes for less than $20. Since I also didn’t want to chip in for wigs, I just bought colored hairspray from Walmart for less than $2, and colored the girls’ hair.

Mal from Disney Descendants Costume

The colored spray isn’t too messy. Use a towel over the shoulders if you think you might get some on the costume, but it washes out easily.

Evie Disney Descendants Costume

The girls were thrilled with their Mal and Evie Disney Descendants costumes, and I even added a little extra makeup since it was Halloween.

DIY Dizzy Costume from Disney Descendants

Dizzy is Drizella Tremaine’s daughter, and there was a Dizzy costume floating around somewhere, but it was very hard to find, so we made our own! This DIY Dizzy costume from Disney Descendants was a lot of fun to make.

Family Disney Descendants Costumes - DIY Dizzy Costume

We took an old shirt and apron, bought some acrylic paints (.50 at Walmart), and just splattered them both. Put some newspapers down and let the kids go to town.

I bought some glasses from the Dollar Store, popped out the lenses and then used the same paints to make them colorful. We also bought a few colored hair extensions and clipped them into my daughter’s hair after we made messy side buns.

Another Dizzy touch is her broach at the top of her shirt. I purchased one from Michael’s, forgot about it, and found it in a bag later that night. Womp womp.

The finishing touch is Dizzy’s signature headphones. We purchased some inexpensive ones from Five Below and then bedazzled them with gem stickers. You can also use beads from a craft store and hot glue them on. Ta-da, now you’ve got a homemade Dizzy costume from Descendants 2!

Uma Costume from Disney Descendants 2

Uma was a store-bought costume. I couldn’t find the Uma wig for less than $40 though (stinkin’ resellers), so I decided to braid my daughter’s hair in tiny braids and spray it a teal color. It didn’t take that long, and it was a lot cheaper! I also added some blue eyeshadow for extra effect.

DIY Uma Costume Disney Descendants

Evil Queen and Magic Mirror Costumes

This idea came from a couple I saw at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Walt Disney World earlier. I already had the Evil Queen costume from a Target clearance the year before, and I knew I would eventually use it for Bus Stop Costumes.

Evil Queen and Magic Mirror Costumes

For the Magic Mirror Costume from Snow White, we cut out a big oval from an old cardboard box. Then we painted it black, and spray painted the edges with gold spray paint. We used white, green, and purple paints to make a smoky effect on the mirror. My husband wore a black beanie, and I painted his face like the mirror.

For our family costume, my daughter wore the Evil Queen costume, and I wore a Maleficent costume that I also found last year on clearance at Target. You can find great things for 70% off after Halloween.

Evil Queen from Snow White Costume

I hope you enjoyed our family’s Disney Descendants costumes! Happy Halloween!

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Make your own Family Disney Descendants Halloween Costumes! DIY Dizzy costume from Descendants 2 and Magic Mirror from a cardboard box!

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