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Holiday Traditions – Dollar Store Christmas Gifts

We started a tradition a couple of years ago with our 5 girls. Christmas shopping at the Dollar Store! Some of their favorite presents have been Dollar Store Christmas gifts from their sisters, and they’ve already started asking when we can go this year. I’ll tell you why we started this tradition.

Dollar Store Christmas Traditions

We have a Dollar Tree near us, so that’s where we go, but you can also go shopping at the Dollar Spot in Target, Five Below, or another Dollar Store. We just wanted a place where our 5 girls could shop for each other while still staying within their budget.

My daughters get so excited to pick out things for their sisters, but we want to keep it on an even playing field. They’re always asking me or their grandparents to take them to the store, so they can get Christmas gifts for family, friends, etc. As much as they love receiving gifts, they also love giving them.

Stuffed animals make great Dollar Store Christmas gifts!

Since my girls are ages 14 to 6, the younger ones don’t really have a lot of money. And I do not have the money to buy 20 presents for the girls to give to each other, especially with their caviar wishes. As much as they would love to buy each other the most expensive things on their lists, it’s not going to happen.

Dollar Store Christmas Gifts

I get a kick out of seeing the girls grab their carts or baskets and try to be sneaky while the other ones shop around them. They cover their items when they see a sister pass by or duck into another aisle. The youngest pleads with each sister to please buy her a jump rope.

Shopping at the Dollar Store for Christmas gifts is a family tradition!

This year we bumped up the allowance to include a dog and parents, too. The older girls use their own money to pay for their items, and they’re proud that they can afford it. I don’t want them spending a fortune on gifts for us, because really gifts don’t need to cost a lot to mean a lot. I want them to understand that.

You can even find puzzles from Star Wars: The Last Jedi for Dollar Store Christmas gifts.

They have pretty cool things at The Dollar Store, too! I want a Star Wars puzzle!

My 7-year-old is going to squeal when she opens her $1 selfie stick. My 5-year-old is going to be thrilled when she gets another pink jump rope.

Feather boa anyone? Find great things at the Dollar Store for Christmas gift ideas.

Feather Boa, anyone?  Great imaginative play idea. My 9-year-old will love it as she dreams of the next play she’s directing. My 13-year-old will write tons of stories with her new gel pens, and my 10-year-old will love that Captain America giant eraser. All chosen by sisters with love.

They’ll also add their homemade bracelets, cards, poems, drawings, and cookies, but the girls look forward to the shopping extravaganza, too. This is one tradition I’m happy we started.

I peeked at one of my presents, and I’m gonna enjoy my candy bar by the fire, thank you very much. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to help the littles wrap some gifts! Oh yeah, you can find wrapping paper for Dollar Store Christmas gifts, too!

How does your family do sibling gift exchanges? Any fun traditions?

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Thursday 6th of December 2018

I love this! My kids usually pick out one gift for each other for Christmas and seeing the joy it brings them is my favorite part of the season!


Thursday 6th of December 2018

Thank you! Yes, I love that the kids are excited to GIVE, too!


Sunday 18th of December 2016

I love this idea so much! We don't have quite the same size family as you do but my kids love shopping for us and each other and this is a great way to do it. It fits within their budget and they love picking out the perfect gifts. I have to remember this for next year!


Sunday 18th of December 2016

Thanks, Mer! I think it works for all family sizes! There are a lot of treasures to be found at the Dollar Store!