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How to Make a Captain America Cake

It’s no secret how much I love Captain America. In fact, it’s borderline ridiculous. To celebrate 4th of July, don’t forget to make a Captain America cake! It’s his birthday after all. Here’s one of the easiest ways to decorate a cake like a Captain America shield. Also perfect for Avengers parties!

4th of July Captain America Cake

How to Make a Captain America Cake

I made this Captain America cake for my daughter’s superhero birthday party.

It’s a pretty easy cake, but I made some mistakes along the way. I hope you learn from them. I used Skittles, but you can use any candy that is red, white, and blue. My first mistake was using two layers for the cake.

I like the taste of a 2-layer cake better, but the weight of the candy made it sink in a bit. Next time I would only make one layer. I think it’ll be easier to place candies on top, too.

You can see I made two rows of one color of each candy. You don’t have to use white candies if you can’t find them, but I think it gives them a more uniform look. Also I overused frosting which made the frosting squish through some of them, making it look sloppy.

Make an easy Captain America cake for your Avengers fan!

For the star on top, do yourself a favor and use a star-shaped cookie cutter. I tried making stars out of candy, cookies, paper, etc. The best thing I found was pre-made white fondant at Michaels. You just roll it out, use the cookie cutter, and place it on top of the cake. I love how it turned out. It’s the perfect Captain America cake for your Team Cap and Avengers fan!

Planning an Avengers birthday party? Make this Captain America cake for your super hero!

I decided to try another time with M&Ms now that they have their Red, White, and Blue packages around for the summer. I tried to make it a tad more simple and make a single layer cake. Plus the M&Ms taste better with chocolate cake.

This time I put a star cookie cutter in the center after frosting the cake. Then I added the white candy in the cookie cutter. I made the red layer first, and then did the blue around the cookie cutter. I skipped layers of white M&Ms just to simplify and then added one more layer of red. 

Still not perfect, but the less candy, the easier it is to make the shield. 

Captain America Cake

Why I’m Team Cap 

So why exactly is a grown woman obsessed with Captain America? I smile whenever I see the shield in a store, on a shirt, in a movie. I have Captain America Ears, Captain America clothing, a giant shield backpack, Funko Pop figures, pillows, toys…you get the picture. Some people ask whether it’s about Chris Evans. There’s no denying his attractiveness, but it’s not.

I love skinny Steve Rogers just as much before he turned into Captain America. It’s the courage he showed when he jumped on the grenade and the tenacity in fighting his bullies that make me love him.

The bottom line is I need a hero. I need a kind, stand up for what’s right, straight arrow, helpful, forgiving, nerdy, endearing, loyal ‘I’m with you till the end of the line’ friend type of hero. As my friend Nicole says, “Integrity is sexy.” Yes, yes it is. He’s the good guy. And I always love the good guys. His birthday is July 4th for crying out loud.

Meet Captain America at Disney California Adventure

Or maybe it’s the uniform, because me and Cap at Disneyland were having a moment.

So fellow Team Cap fans, let’s eat some Captain America cake. Also check out all these lists of Marvel movies in order to catch up before Black Widow comes out in July 2021! Also check out this Captain America drink recipe for more red, white and blue food and drink options!

Make an easy, fun Captain America cake for your next Avengers party or Super Hero Party. Avengers: Infinity War is coming to theaters soon, so be prepared with all the Avengers food!


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