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Call Your Mother: ABC’s New Grown Up Comedy

Call Your Mother is ABC’s newest grown up comedy. I say grown up, because the pilot episode was a little PG-13, but maybe it’s been awhile since I’ve watched primetime television. Sure to resonate with teens and empty nesters, Call Your Mother stars Kyra Sedgwick as Jean Raines, Rachel Sennott as Jackie Raines, Joey Bragg as Freddie Raines, Emma Caymares as Celia, Austin Crute as Lane and Patrick Brammall as Danny.

Call Your Mother Parents Guide

Photo: ABC

Is Call Your Mother Kid Friendly? 

Call Your Mother premieres Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC! Since it has the 9:30 p.m. slot, some of the content is a little more adult. I was able to screen the pilot and then attend a Q&A with cast members and creator Kari Lizer. 

Call Your Mother follows Jean, an empty-nester mom, who is also a bit of a helicopter mom. After not hearing from her son for four days, she gets worried, thinks of the possible worst scenarios, and decides to head to L.A. where both of her children live. After packing her suitcases and heading to the airport she meets Danny, her AirBNB-type host. 

She soon learns that her kids haven’t been keeping in touch while in L.A. and she needs to fix things, stat. Isn’t that what mothers do?

There is some language including a–, porno, dick, hell, and hump. They also talk about sex and refer to a penis as a dangle.

Some teens and tween may want to watch if they are fans of Joey Bragg, who used to star in Disney Channel’s Liv & Maddie. But these characters are adults. 

I’d recommend Call Your Mother for families with teens. Some of the humor is more mature, but it will help prepare for the time that kids do leave the house.  

Kyra Sedgwick in Call Your Mother

ABC/Lara Solanki

Call Your Mother Q&A

During the Q&A we learned that Kari Lizer drew from her own experiences as en empty nester for the show, but she hasn’t chased her kids around the world…yet. 

  • Call Your Mother takes place in a post-Covid world. They will reference it in some episodes, especially how hard it was for Jean during quarantine to be away from her kids.
  • There is a laugh-track right now, but Kyra can’t wait for a live audience!
  • Sherri Shepherd plays Sharon, Jean’s best friend, in the show. She and Kyra had an instant connection and we’ll see her in 9 of the 13 episodes.
Call Your Mother Press Junket


  • Kyra said her kids don’t watch her (or husband Kevin Bacon’s) shows. They don’t want to think of their parents as anything besides mom and dad.
  • Emma said that she is her character Celia. She’s honest and savvy. She knows who she is, she knows what she wants. But Emma said she’s more of a people pleaser in real life than Celia. She also said her Latina heritage will come into play more throughout the season.

Kari said, “We hope that it’s funny.” The whole cast hopes that what resonates is that the characters in Call Your Mother are people that really care about each other. Just like during Covid, some people have lost their connections with each other. Hopefully, we can create new connections with each other.

Call Your Mother has potential. Austin Crute had me laughing throughout the episode, and there are moments that tug at the heartstrings. This one’s for all those moms who wonder who they are without their kids. I’m excited to see how the show progresses.

Watch Call Your Mother tonight, Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!

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