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Breeze Airways Review: Is it Worth It?

Breeze Airlines is a relatively new low-cost airline in the United States founded by David Neeleman, who also founded other airlines like JetBlue and Azul.  This review of Breeze Airlines is my experience flying non-stop from Orlando, FL to Orange County, CA. So if you’re looking for an airline that has a direct flight to and from Disney World and Disneyland, Breeze Airways is it. 

Breeze Airlines Disney World to Disneyland

Breeze Airways Review

For any of you Disney fans wanting to go from Walt Disney World in Florida to Disneyland in California (or vice versa) Breeze Airways flies non-stop between the two routes. I flew them twice in 2023 for this route, but then they changed the service. Now their direct service from MCO-SNA is only during the summer and on certain days of the weeks. Seems like their model for that route changed to an Allegiant or Avelo type model.

There were some hiccups with Breeze Airways, but I would fly them again if the price was right. 

Is Breeze Airways owned by JetBlue? No, but it was founded by David Neeleman who also founded JetBlue. However, that doesn’t mean the business model is exactly the same. 

Here are some pros and cons to Breeze Airways. 

Aisles on Breeze Airways planes

Is Breeze Airways Affordable?

Breeze Airlines aims to offer affordable fares with a focus on non-stop flights to underserved markets. For the most part, they have very affordable fares. However, then you have to factor in the “extras” like choosing a seat assignment, upgraded seating, and luggage fees. You’ll have to do the math to see if it’s worth it compared to other airlines.

What Does Breeze Airlines Charge Extra For?

Like other budget airlines, on Breeze Airways, each add-on will cost you like bags, being able to choose a seat ahead of time, and more legroom. These fees vary on different flights and which seat location you’d like.

Baggage Fees on Breeze Airways

Baggage fees on Breeze Airways are complicated and there is not one set baggage fee for every flight. You can only bring on a personal item like a purse or backpack that fits under the seat for free. Carry-on and checked baggage have an additional cost. To find out those fees, you’ll have to enter your route on the website. 

Always check the Bag Pricing section on Breeze’s website for the most up to date information for pricing and for bag size allowance. 

I paid $40 to check a bag from MCO-SNA. 

Understanding an airline’s baggage policy is important to passengers, as it can impact the overall cost and convenience of your travel. Reviewing the baggage allowances, fees, and any restrictions is essential when considering any airline.

Food and Snacks

Water and Coffee are free on Breeze Airways, but there is an extra cost for all other beverages including soda and snacks. You can find an-inflight menu in the seat pocket.

For example, a can of soda will cost $4 and snacks like candy or popcorn start at $4.50. 

Snack prices on Breeze Airlines

Beverage cost on Breeze Airways

Seat Selection on Breeze Airlines

Breeze Airways offers 4 levels of fares – No Flex Fare, Nice, Nicer and Nicest. The No Flex Fare does not offer any changes to be made, so keep that in mind. And also now Nice fares offer a carry-on bag included.

Nicest is their equivalent to “first class,” but it’s not the same type of experience as in bigger airlines. The seats are very nice and spacious, and 2 checked bags as well as a carry-on are included.

Nicest fares also include priority boarding and a Breeze Ascent seat, which are the big plush seats at the front of the aircraft. You can also just upgrade to a Breeze Ascent seat for an extra cost, but by the time it’s all said and done, it’s usually more economical to just buy the Nicest fare if you need to travel with a bag. 

For my flight on Breeze Airways it cost $15-$30 to select a seat in standard seating for the “Nice” fares. I decided to stick with the Nice fare, because to upgrade to Nicest was going to be an extra $160, and I didn’t think it was worth it. Plus I knew I would be flying with my family eventually and definitely wouldn’t be able to afford to upgrade all of us, so I needed to check out the seats for the regular folk.

Is Nicest worth it on Breeze Airways? The seats are roomy and comfortable, but it’s not a first-class level service. If it was an extra $50-$75, the I’d probably upgrade, especially if I needed to check a bag. However, not for $150+ each way.  

Pros and Cons to Breeze Airways

Overall, I’d fly Breeze Airways again, especially having learned from my first experience. The major pros to flying Breeze Airways are good in-flight customer service, price, decently comfortable seats, and I arrived safely.

The major cons with Breeze are no screens at seats, confusing fee structures for bags, and no complimentary in-flight snacks and drinks. Also, there is no customer service number. On my flight there was no wi-fi, but now Breeze says there is wifi on their A220 planes.

Are the Seats Comfortable on Breeze Airways? 

The seats were pretty comfortable for a budget airline, especially since I had just flown Allegiant a few weeks before. The seats recline, there are adjustable headrests, a compartment to hold your phone if you want to watch movies, and USB ports to charge your phone. However, in comparison, JetBlue seats are still more comfortable. 

Breeze Airways Standard Seating

Customer Service on Breeze Airways

My in-flight crew was fantastic on both flights and provided great customer service. However, when checking in for my flights at the airport (both in FL and CA), there were only 2 people working at the counter. They seemed overworked and kind of grumpy. I didn’t have any issues and just had one bag to check that I pre-paid, so I spent less than 2 minutes at the counter. 

However, I arrived 2 hours early for my flight and at MCO, I waited for at least an hour and 15 minutes to check bags. I was starting to sweat it, but I had pre-check, so I had a little bit of peace of mind.

At SNA, I encountered a similar issue, except there were two lines, and the signage wasn’t very clear. I happened to choose the correct line, but many people in the other line who had been waiting for awhile had to move behind everyone else. It was pretty confusing and some people weren’t happy. 

Because a checked bag isn’t much more than a carry-on bag, then a lot of people check their bags. There are no kiosks where you can check-in for your flight and drop your bags. You have to wait at the counter for both, and so lines can get long. Keep that in mind when flying Breeze.

Breeze Airways Bag Check Line

Does Breeze Airways Have a Customer Service Number?

In short, no, you can’t talk to a live person at Breeze Airways on the phone. You can text 1-501-273-3931 for customer service at Breeze Airlines. Or you can message them or email them. I had no issues with my flights, so I can’t speak to the reliability of the messaging center. 

However, not having a call center or live representatives to talk to when something goes wrong is a risk that does not err on the side of customer service. So keep that in mind when flying with Breeze. Because of this I would not fly Breeze on a flight with a layover.

Is Breeze Airways Worth It? 

If the price is right and you’re on a budget, then Breeze Airlines is worth a try. If you don’t like budget airlines and being charged for everything, then you probably won’t enjoy the experience. Right now there is no wifi on Breeze airplanes, and that’s a deal breaker for some people.

With a 5 hour flight, I was getting stabby without being able to connect and work, but they say wifi is coming. I just downloaded some shows from Netflix and Disney+ to my device ahead of time to keep myself entertained. But since the planes are newer, they don’t look so worn out as older planes, so that’s nice. Also, if there’s a delay or cancellation, again, be aware there are no customer service representatives that you can talk to, only text.

When I fly Breeze again, I’ll have my devices loaded with entertainment and arrive to the airport with plenty of time to check bags, so I don’t stress out. It’s hard to beat a non-stop flight from Orlando to Anaheim. 

I have another flight booked with them with my whole family next month, so I’ll keep this post updated on any new experiences.

Breeze Airways Review

Breeze Airways Review