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Best Sweet Tooth Quotes on Netflix

Have you seen Sweet Tooth on Netflix? This fantasy drama is heartfelt and optimistic. At first there is doom and gloom, but as Gus ventures out into the world, he always tries to stay positive. Here are some of the best Sweet Tooth quotes on Netflix from Gus, Big Man, the Narrator, and more. 

Best Sweet Tooth Quotes

Best Quotes from Sweet Tooth on Netflix

A story of survival and friendship, Gus, a hybrid of human and deer, goes on an adventure to find out where he comes from. However, as other humans try to hunt the hybrids, Gus must survive with the help of Big Man. 

There are definitely emotional moments throughout this series as we get a look of a post-apocalyptic world. Gus gives us all hope, and his tender heart is what makes this series a winner. Check out this Sweet Tooth Parents Guide for age recommendations. 

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Sweet Tooth? Drop them in the comments below. 

Netflix Sweet Tooth Quotes

There was nothing normal about the sick.

Life would never be normal again.

If you don’t pray, now’s a good time to start.

A father was escaping to the wilderness to leave the world behind.

This wasn’t the end of their story.

As the world slipped into chaos, something else was happening, something extraordinary.

No-one knew which came first -the hybrids or the virus.

This is a story about a very special boy.

With hard work came harder play.

They don’t make ’em bigger than me.

Sweet Tooth Big Man Quotes

As his antlers grew, so did his imagination.

The end of the world’s got a funny way of making connections.

They were greedy things, self-destructive, only out for themselves, so nature made everyone sick and wiped away as many as she could.

They didn’t like you, because you were different.

It’s your job to live a full life.

With every new adventure comes new dangers.

Some are born to follow and some are born to lead.

Great leaders are created in the most unexpected of places.

I’m not alone, I got you.

Guys like me aren’t good for kids like you.

You of all people know that this new world is all about survival.


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