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The Best 2023 Oscar Memes and Reactions

The 2023 Oscar nominations came out and so have the memes. There were snubs and there were head scratching choices. However there were also cheers! Here are some of the best 2023 Oscar memes and reactions to the Oscar nominations.

Best Oscar Memes and Reactions in 2023

The Oscar nominations were  announced by Allison Williams and Riz Ahmed. With every Oscar season comes snubs, joy, and heartbreak. These 2023 Oscar nomination reactions show all the range of emotions! 

Y’all really hate Disney, don’t you?

Oscar Memes 2023

But is she wrong?

I appreciate those that show love for their favorites.

Welp, some things never change. 

People have opinions, and I’m here for them.  I may disagree with some of them, but I still like to hear them.

And when you get the nomination!

Congratulations to all the nominees! And to those who got snubbed, Oscars, do better.