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Best 2024 Oscars Memes and Reactions that Deserve an Award

It’s Hollywood’s biggest night – the Academy Awards! In 2024 there were snubs and cheers! Here are some of the best 2024 Oscars memes and reactions, and some Oscars moments from past Academy Awards.

Best Oscars Memes and Reactions in 2024

The 96th Academy Awards are on March 10, 2024. With every Oscars season comes joy, snubs, heartbreak and elation. Much like the emotions we feel at the movies. These 2024 Oscars memes deserve an Academy Award for best reactions. 

We know best.

Jimmy was pretty funny, but Messi is the real star.

Not wrong.

Love the way they presented Best Supporting Actress this year.

Did not have this on my Oscars Bingo card. 

Slow clap.

John was great!

An emotional speech.

The KENERGY! Perhaps the best moment of the night. Here are all the lyrics to “I’m Just Ken.”

Some people were not happy that Lily Gladstone didn’t win.

Isn’t it past your jail time?

And yes, yes he did.

Congratulations to Oppenheimer for winning Best Picture!

Past Oscars Memes From the Academy Awards

Y’all really hate Disney, don’t you?

Oscar Memes 2023

Can’t wait for the live tweeting.

Oscar Memes

Last year was a doozy. I don’t know if we can handle more drama this year. But also…

Funny Oscar Memes

That time when we had to stop with the Leo memes.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars memes

Academy Awards memes

Did we ever find out what Ryan Gosling whispered? It looks like more than Hey Girl.

Ryan Gosling Oscars Meme

And the 2023 Oscars Meme Award goes to…Andrew Garfield!

Andrew Garfield Oscars Meme

But a very close 2nd goes to Pedro Pascal. 

Pedro Pascal Oscars Meme 2023

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