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The Best Quotes from The Prom on Netflix

Have you seen The Prom on Netflix? You can’t deny The Prom goes big! This musical hits all the right notes. Enjoy some of the best The Prom quotes from characters Dee Dee, Barry, Emma, Trent, Angie, Tom, and more!

The Prom Movie Quotes Netflix

Best The Prom Quotes on Netflix

Emma is a gay student at James Madison High School who is denied being able to take her girlfriend to the prom. A group of has-been Broadway stars come to her Indiana town to teach the town about intolerance – in the form of song and dance. 

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People need to know it is possible to change the world whether you’re a homely middle-aged First Lady or a Broadway star. -Dee Dee

From the moment I stepped into FDR’s shoes, and when I say shoes, I mean wheelchair, I had en epiphany, I realized there is no difference between the President of the United States and a celebrity. We both have power. The power to change the world. -Barry

Don’t tell me unless it’s a rave or a mixed positive. -Dee Dee

We will be the biggest thing to happen in Indiana since whatever’s happened in Indiana. -Barry

Why does being good cost so much money? -Dee Dee

Best Quotes The Prom Netflix

Watching Dee Dee Allen’s Eleanor Roosevelt croaking out a heavy-handed message of activism is like paying an aging drag queen to shove a syrup-soaked American flag down my throat. -Critic

That’s not criticism, that’s just a personal attack. -Dee Dee

Nobody likes a narcissist. -Sheldon

It hurts my heart. – Dee Dee

And if you do not pay me, do I not still act? -Trent

We will become celebrity activists. -Barry

Straight people like Broadway, too. -Tom
I’ve heard that. I always thought it was a fairy tale. -Dee Dee

Flattery makes me stronger. Fuels my ego. -Dee Dee

Orbitz gave it 3 stars. -Angie

Make a wish, Dee Dee. -Angie
Death. I wish for death. -Dee Dee

The Prom Dee Dee Quotes

Take me now to this Apples & Bees place. -Dee Dee

Perhaps you should stick to acting instead of activism. -Mrs. Greene

Okay, it’s official. I love you. You’re the cool grandmother I never had. -Barry

We’re not monsters. We’re cultural disruptors. -Dee Dee

I think the best thing we can do is disinfect our things and go back home. -Dee Dee

If your hands are shaking, just turn them into jazz hands. -Angie

Rom-Com Friday is sacred. -Dee Dee

Can I just say you guys are the best middle-aged people I’ve ever met. -Emma