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20 Best I Care a Lot Quotes on Netflix

Have you seen I Care a Lot on Netflix? Marla is one bad-a woman. And she wants you to know she cares. A lot. These are 20 of best quotes from  I Care a Lot from Marla, Jennifer, Roman, and more!

Marla Quotes I Care a Lot

Best Quotes from  I Care a Lot on Netflix

In I Care a Lot, Marla doesn’t like to lose, and she doesn’t like to be poor. She’s been taking money from the elderly, and nobody’s going to stop her scam, especially not some gangster. It’s a battle of the sexes to see who is just the baddest of them all. 

Who is your favorite character in the movie? Can you root for anyone? Some of these Marla quotes in I Care a Lot are ruthless, but sometimes it’s hard not to feel sorry for her while also rooting for her to get hers since she’s so horrible. 

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes? Drop them in the comments below. Check out this I Care a Lot Parents Guide to see if it’s appropriate for kids. 

I don’t lose. I won’t lose.

Playing fair is a joke invented by rich people to keep the rest of us poor.

How uncomfortable are we talking?

This is what i do, all day every day, I care.

Does it sting more because I’m a woman?

You’re my guardian robber.

I’m the worst mistake you’ll ever make.

You want to beat me then come at me fair and square.

Roman Quotes I Care a Lot Netflix

I am just getting started.

I’m here to undo a miscarriage of justice.

I’ve been poor. It doesn’t agree with me.

You’re in trouble now.

There’s no such thing as good people.

I’m afraid it’s not up to you to decide.

I’m just someone who cares.

Best I Care a Lot Quotes on Netflix

I know what you do here. Your hustle.

How uncomfortable are we talking?

I don’t like you.

Because caring is my job.

There’s two types of people in this world – predators and prey.

I’m never letting you go.

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