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The Best Ben Affleck Grammy Memes 2023

Last night were the 2023 Grammys, and memes are to be expected. However, the Ben Affleck Grammy memes are coming in clutch. Bless him. But also, we feel you, Ben. 

Ben Affleck Bored Grammys Meme

Funny Ben Affleck Grammy Memes 2023

These 2023 Ben Affleck bored at the Grammy memes are hilarious! Was he sad, bored, forgot he was married to JLo? I don’t know, but it did not seem like he was feeling the vibe. To be fair, anyone can be caught off guard in a moment. But the camera guy was really panning in on him.

Twitter was having a field day.

Perhaps the funniest meme of the night…


Ben Affleck Grammys meme


I mean sometimes you just need some Dunkin. 

Ben Affleck Meme Grammys


Not gonna lie, I’ve been there.

Sad Ben Affleck Grammy Meme


Aw, Ben baby. You gotta dance a little.

But did he not know?

The introverts get it.

Aww, poor Ben. But Twitter thanks you.

Remember #Sadfleck?

This made me LOL.

Also me.

Hopefully your night got better, Ben, and you skipped the after parties!

Funny Ben Affleck Grammys Meme

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